Hell Swarm

(Hell Swarm)

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The Nephilims (aliens who lived on Earth before man) have infected the bodies of hundreds of humans. The Nephilims want to reclaim what they consider to be their world. A secret government agency are the only ones aware of the Nephilims existence and plans. It is composed of officially deceased persons. Its new recruit is named Billy Sabbath, a ex-cop convict to the capital punishment for the murder of his colleague George Bernard, an alien. His real execution being disguised, he is saved by the organization.

Billy Sabbath - Hell Swarm
Billy Sabbath

It is necessary to act quickly. Nephilims begin now to reproduce with humans, creating thus an offspring of hybrids that can reach the adult size in some weeks. The team acts under cover of the enterprise "Global Air Freight" and is constituted of the beautiful Ally and Levi King. The first mission of Billy in this new fight to save the humanity consists in destroying a brooder of hybrid generation in a complex manufacturer. The mission is a success, but the love that Billy feels for his wife Julia is stronger than the secret that he has to keep. The ex-cop escapes from his new partners and goes to meet Julia who believes he is dead. Sabbath explains the fate he has been reserved. After a long love night, Billy is woken up by Brad, his ex-teammate, and the Nephilims who came to kidnap Julia.

Albion the invader - Hell Swarm
Albion the invader

Billy is saved in extremis by Ally and Levi who attempt to explain him that it is too late for Julia. The woman with whoom he made love is not his wife but an alien. But Sabbath refuses this point of view.

Too unverifiable, the organization decides to suppress him. But the cop escapes the trap and flies away.

Alone, he goes to search for his wife and understands that his friends were right. Julia is nothing else that a Nephilim and Billy has to kill her. But a huge scale-operation is on the point to be led by aliens to put an end to the humanity...

Ally - Hell Swarm
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Eight millions of killer bees, genetically modified and carrier of a lethal poison are preserved and are on the way to be dropped in the nature so as to reduce the humanity to ashes. While resources of the secret organization collapse with the annihilation of "Global Air Freight", Ally and Sabbath unite. By crossing their informations, they discover the plot and put an end to the deadly invasion that had to lead the Earth to the fatal destruction for the humanity.

Some surprises for our ex-cop - Hell Swarm
Some surprises for our ex-cop