It Came from Beneath the Sea

(It Came from Beneath the Sea)

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We are in the nuclear submarine era, the greatest maritime weapon man ever conceived. One of them is lead by the commander Pete Mathews who archieves with his crew a certification and training cruise. When the boat receives a sonar echo from a thing whose size is much more superior to a whale's one, she attempts to distance it without success. The thing, allthemore radioactive, hits the submarine and prevents her for freedom. After several attempts, They finally detach from the assailant. A quick examination allows to find a sort of animal tissu jammed in her stern's fins.

Back to the naval base, the Navy calls a couple of scientists to determine the origin of the incredible thing that was able to imprison the submarine. After many days of hard work, professor John Crankcase of Harvard, the inventor of analytic biology and Lesley Joyce director of the sea biology department of the Southest oceanographical institute finally discover what animal belongs to the sample. It concerns a giant octopus. But the army do not subscribe to their point of view, closer to science-fiction that truth. It is only when a maritime freighter is attacked that the Admiral Burns finally accepts to face reality.

Lesley Joyce, John Carter and Pete Mathews - It Came from Beneath the Sea
Lesley Joyce, John Carter and Pete Mathews

In the Pacific, near the Marshall island where hydrogen bombs experiences took place, winds and streams difted radioactivity contaminating the life marinade of Mindanao's depths, a so much large zone that it had never been explored. The monster lived there till now, before becoming radioactive and fearing its preys. In search of new non-contaminated food, the giant octopus ascended to the surface.

The scientists attempt to convince the army - It Came from Beneath the Sea
The scientists attempt to convince the army

This octopus becomes a threat for the civil and military fleet of the Pacific. A monster hunting is launched while the North Pacific is closed to navigation, interrupting all maritime trade between three continents.

The giant octopus attacks the San Fransisco port - It Came from Beneath the Sea
The giant octopus attacks the San Fransisco port

The beast is noticed on the Oregon coasts. Coastal waters are mined and the western coast prepares to see the arrival of the monster at any time. A headquarter is established at San Fransisco and an electrified fillet is installed under the Golden Gate Bridge to avoid all entry in the bay. In order to guarantee the success of the operation, the monster has to be touched in a unique hit. A special torpedo with delayed action will be fired from a nuclear submarine directed by commander Pete Mathews...

One unique shot is permitted - It Came from Beneath the Sea
One unique shot is permitted
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

When the monster is seen, it has already crossed the first line of defense. It strikes the Golden Gate Bridge, hardly damaging it before attacking people walking on Market Street sowing death and destruction. Authorities succeed to repelling it back to water thanks to flame-throwers while the submarine fires its torpedo specially developed. Despite some difficulties that risk lives of the commander Mathews and Professor Carter, the mission is finally a succes and San Fransisco is saved from this radioactive monster created by man.