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Delos, « holidays of the future », a unique holiday place created for the greatest pleasure of vacationers. The particularity of this mythical place consists in immersing tourists, who does not hesitate to pay a thousand dollars per day, in a historical reconstitution universe truer than nature.

Delos is divided under three thematic centers; Westworld, the city of the old American west, a world of violence without law where it is not rare to be the witness of regular bank attacks and where it is necessary to know how to make powder speak to be respected ; the Roman World, a real feelings celebration that dives the tourist in a quasi unreal universe recreating a place of leasure where gastronomy and flesh are raised at the forefront and finally the Medieval World, a chivalry and fighting world, a world of love and nobility where young princesses and apprentices knight of the modern world are going to be able to live at chivalry time.

A duel won in advanced - Westworld
A duel won in advanced

Programmed to satisfy the lesser caprices of tourists so as to dive them in the most real universe, hundred of robots ultra-sophisticated with perfect human bodies play each day the most savage and murderesss scenes but equally the most romantic of the period in which they are implied. These robots, an only light defect on the interior of their hands allows to identify, are endowed with the most advanced technical means making out of them machines often much more perfected than human beings .

Peter Martin and John Blane, two busyness men from Chicago have both chosen to offer themselves holidays at Delos in the World of the West. Revolvers plated on their thighs are real guns supplied with thermostatic safeties that allow to insure the security of the invited. The guns can only function when shot at a robot that, once destroyed, is returned in the huge electronic surgery service in the basements of Delos where a quantity of technicians work for their maintenance.

Peter and John fully profit of their hollydays. Very fast, Peter is confronted with a terrible killer to the extreme coldness who defies him in duel. Scared but encouraged by his friend, Peter confronts the black cow-boy and shoots him in a such realism that the attorney doubts an instant.

Indestructible robot? - Westworld
Indestructible robot?

Theses last times, unpredictable and recurrent behaviors of robots seem to propagate as an infectious sickness. Despite repeated alerts, responsibles of Delos refuse to close the center. If these unfunctionnings were divulged to the public, that could entail its loss of credibility.

But the events precipitate when, in the Medieval World, the Black Knight kills a tourist. At Mondwest, the killer provokes once more our two visitors in duel. But this time, the robot is the fastest and against all wait he shoots John down. Peter, guessing the gravity of the situation, escapes.

In the technical center of Delos, all robots have escaped the control of technicians. The World of the Antique Rome transforms into a real charnel where tourists are systematically assassinated by machines running out ot control…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Without any compassion, the insensitive cow-boy in black throws at Peter's pursuit. Leaving the Westworld, the former arrives soon in the holiday city of the Antique Rome to discover bodies of tourists without life that strew the ground by tens. Peter discovers an service entry that leads him in the tragically empty neuralgic center of Delos. After a long pursuit in its corridors, Blane gets discern the break of his mechanical assailant and overcomes it. While Delos is now without life, Peter rmembers its slogan « Visit us in our travel agency, we will reserve you wonderful holidays ».