*batteries not included

(*batteries not included)

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In the low quarters of New-York, residents of 817 on the 8th street are on the point to lose all their goods. Armed with their only will, they try to prevent the destruction of the small building that Lacey, an unscrupulous business man, has decided to wipe out to build in place a gigantic building complex : the « Lacey Plaza ».

Carlos, engaged by Lacey, finally had reason of Hogenson as well as Mason Baylor's girlfriend, a tiny painter. For some bucks, they finally left the place. While the demolition of the quarter around is already well advanced, the last residents refuses any desertion compromises despite repeated intimidations. Marisa Esquivel, a youth pregnent woman, Harry Noble, former boxing champion, Mayson and the septuagenarian restorer Frank Riley and his wife Faye, who turns to have lost the head after the death of their son Bobby, categorically refuse to be expelled.

A strange visit - *batteries not included
A strange visit

Nothing in the world can save them, despite a miracle. Frank implores the sky that someone comes to help them. And this night, it seems as if the sky heard him. But his messiah appears in a well surprising shape.

One night, two tiny flying saucers, that seems to belong to a miniature people coming from the stars, enter Frank's apartment and visit the building. Miraculously, the following morning, precious objects of tenants, that were destroyed by vandals working for Lacey, are all repaired. When Carlos comes to finish his business, he's highly surprised about the meeting he is reserved and he is hunt by the small flying machines that elect domicile in a equipment shelter on the roof of the building.

Whom are we dealing with? - *batteries not included
Whom are we dealing with?

It is sure that the beings who pilot these machines, or perhaps these machines themselves, have come to help them. Residents of the building discover that foreigners need electrical power to survive and they do not hesitate to put eveything on to provide their benefactors the necessary electricity. They equally discover at their greatest surprise that these curious flying machines have a supplementary extraordinary ability… that to reproduce. In their cabin on the roof, they give birth to three small engines all more curious and amusing than the others.

The new little family of machines coming from the space participates in the new effervescence and freedom found that rules in the lobby restaurant. Apprentices even help with hamburgers confection.

Funny birth - *batteries not included
Funny birth

Pressed by time, the entrepreneur Lacey, engages a saboteur to expel by force the residents of 817 who still resist. Water pipings and electricity meters are destroyed. Without energy, the small flying saucers leave the building and wander while the building if burning…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Frank, Harry, Marisa and Mason leave to the research of the saucers. Harry gets find them and quench them with the electricity of the New York streets. When they are back, the building is not more than a ruin. Fortunately, during the night hundred of little flying saucers arrive in reinforcement and reconstruct to new the building with a certain seal. About Lacey he'll have to build his complex by adapting to the little building of the 817 on the 8th street.