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Washington D.C. in 2054, division Pre-Crime, a specialized police unit, is able to detect a criminal before he archives his murderer and to anticipate crimes before they are committed. Hidden in the heart of the Ministry of Justice, three extralucid - the Precogs - catch the precursory signs of homocide violences and send some images to their controller, John Anderton. One day the unthinkable produces. Agent John Anderton returns from an muscled police arrest. By consulting a new file, he freezes by learning that he is the next killer. 36 hours from now, he will assassinate a perfect stranger. Becoming the target of his own troops, John escapes.

Will John Anderton kill a stranger? - Minority Report
Will John Anderton kill a stranger?

So as to prove his innocence, he visits Doctor Iris Hineman, the scientist who created the Precogs. The woman divulges him a confidential information. If she confirms that the Precogs never deceive, he also learns that they can sometimes disagree. This fact concerns a minority report that Agatha, the most evolved of the Precogs is the only to hide inside of her. John decides therefore to discover the minority report that will exonerate him.

He undergoes a heavy surgical operation in order to change his eyes. This necessary operation allows him not to be noticed by the retinal identification system ubiquitous in the city. He breaks in at Pre-Crime and removes Aghata.

Hard not to be detected! - Minority Report
Hard not to be detected!

Events precipitate ; the hour of the crime approaches and the premonitory visions become increasingly real. His escape with Agatha leads them in an hotel room and more particularly in the room of a criminal. Anderton realizes that Leo Crow is the abductor of his son removed many years ago. Despite the hatred he feels towards the man, the policeman demonstrates that he is the only master of his future. Guessing he is the victim of machination aimed to bury him, he don't fire at the man who nevertheless commit suicide.

John Anderton and Agatha, the Precog. - Minority Report
John Anderton and Agatha, the Precog.

By rummaging in Agatha's memory, Anderton learns that no minority report concerning him exists. He was well destined to kill the abductor of his son. However, images of another minority report given by Agatha returns without ceasing : the one about the non-elucidated murder of Anne Lively. John is finally caught at Lara Anderton's home ; his ex-wife, and dived in a jailled coma…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

By the purest chance, Lara discovers that Lamar Burgess, John's old friend, is the real murderer in the Anne Lively's affair, the mother of Agatha. Lamar used the weak point of the Precogs to make-up the murder and to make someone else guily. He also managed to turn the faith against Anderton who was too interested in this ancient file. Lara makes the policeman escape from jail. John makes the truth burst out to the public. The director of Pre-Crime has a dilemma; if he kills Anderton, he will be to his tour be stopped by Pre-Crime before to commit the murder and if he doesn't, this means that the Precogs have deceived and it is the end of Pre-Crime.

Lamar Burgess - Minority Report
Lamar Burgess

Lamar Burgess commits suicide. In 2054 the six year experience of Pre-Crime has been abandoned. All prisoners were unconditionally forgiven and freed.