It Came from Outer Space

(It Came from Outer Space)

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During a beautiful starlit evening, a meteorite crashes near the village of  Sand Hawk in Arizona. The first witnesses, John Putnam, a writer and his girlfriend, Ellen Field, a primary school teacher, go on the area to see it. John who climbs down the crater created by the meteor sees a sort of sphere and a strange being that closes in. Before being able to converse with the thing, he must  leave the crater that threatens to be buried in a couple of a minutes by landslides. Residents of the little town, coming to see the impact, have pain to believe what John says he has seen.

Meteor or spaceship ? - It Came from Outer Space
Meteor or spaceship ?

John is well decided to find the evidences that are going to give him right. On the voyage home, John and Ellen see a strange creature. George and Frank, two employed of the telephone are also the witnesses of the extraordinary phenomenon but have less chance and disappear.

When John and Ellen find the car of the two men abandoned in the desert, strange trace drive them to George. The former seems to be very quiet and replies in a bizarre manner to the questions John Putnam asks him. George is in fact an alien that has taken the appearance of the real George. This one tells them that they must not be afraid and that they can take the appearance of anyone. He explains them that it is necessary for them the have time otherwise terrible things are going to happen and that they won't injured anybody.

John Putnam is knocked by horror by what he sees - It Came from Outer Space
John Putnam is knocked by horror by what he sees

Later Ellen is abducted too, at the place where previously, three minors had undergone the same fate, near the mine, not far from the landing spot of the spaceship. Accompanied by the Sheriff Matt Warren, John leaves for the mine and waits until dawn before he can speak to Ellen. In fact, she is the Ellen's alien double.

She explains that their arrival on Earth was a mistake and that it is necessary to leave them in peace in order not harm to their hostages's life. They need time to repair their spaceship and they use human appearances in order not to afraid the people living here who could have seen them. John by dint of insistence, succeed to see the true face of the aliens who did not lie to him.

John explains the situation to Matt. But the former hurried by the population goes for action and gathers some armed men to go to the mine...

Meeting with the strange - It Came from Outer Space
Meeting with the strange
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Outstripping them John meets the double of Ellen in the mine. He succeed in negociating the hostage's liberation. In counterpart he promises to do all possible things to retain the Sheriff and his men, giving thus the alien, the necessary time to repair and to leave.

Once the hostages are liberated, John explodes the entry of the mine to obstruct it and stick the assailant while the spaceship, coming from outer space, leaves for a new world.

DoctorSF's Words

This film has been written according to a news from Ray Bradbury. The author had elsewhere participated in the elaboration of the screenplay. A 3D version of this movie exists and you had to wear special glasses to see it. This version wasn't distributed in France.
A remake was realized in 1996 under the title "It Came From Outer Space 2" by Roger Duchowny. It is not a continuation but rather another different version.