Mars Needs Women

(Mars Needs Women)

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Colonel Bob Page, from the NASA decoding services, intercepts the strange numbered message coming from outer space "Mars needs women". This is not a joke, the secretary of Defense has to warn the President of the United States and gives the authorization to Stimmons, in charge of press relationships, to follow the event.

A new message gets to control center one. Martians explain that after having failed in their attempt of adbucting three women via transmitters receivers, they are now coming directly on Earth to stock in female genre. Dop, their chief, materializes in the NASA center. He explains that their intentions are peaceful and that they are loaded of a medical mission. The criticize decline of their « Y » chromosomes rate has entailed a badly male birth preponderance on females leading their civilization to destruction. The 80 millions of kilometers experimental trip onboard their flying saucer must allow the five Martians to return back to Mars with five supplementary passengers. They are looking for volunteers females in good health, fertile and in flawless state of reproduction. But the Colonel Bob Page refuses to cooperate and takes their request as an act of war. Dop insures that they will do without his cooperation before to disappear.

Martiens are arriving - Mars Needs Women
Martiens are arriving

The whole world falls in the fear of Martians and an extraordinary session of the Security Consul is summoned. A call to the end of the world conflicts is requested so as to devot to the Martian question. Near Houston, a flying saucer lands in a closed factory in which are found indispensable chemical products for the experience " Frozened Sleep" that will allow the invaders to return to Mars with some of our loveliest specimens. In order not to be discovered, they borrow civil clothes, plan of the city and vehicles. Hunt is open...

Very soon, a stripper, a stewardess and a beauty contests finalist are adbucted by the men from the red planet. Dop, takes the identity of the journalist Fast from the Seattle Sun, thanks to his martian hypnosis power. His new status allows him to obtain a good place besides Stimmons to follow the advances of the research of the martians and to meet the very beautiful Marjorie Bolen, space medecine science expert.

Marjorie Bolen, space medecine science expert - Mars Needs Women
Marjorie Bolen, space medecine science expert

Marjorie finds in Fast an unhabitually scientific interest developed by the journalists and both quickly tie privileged relationships. By dint of meetings and reflexions, Marjorie thinks that the martian flying saucer may be in the abandoned factory near the pier. It contains all the necessary products to suspend life thanks to freezing techniques assistance. A raid is anticipated on the evening to invest the area…

It is time to leave - Mars Needs Women
It is time to leave
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

But Dop, who has earned the scientist confidence, learns the attack plan and flies to warn his. Marjorie discovers Dop real identity and the fate reserved to the four lovely girls already dived in an artificial sleep meaning a next trip in outer space. Ahead the imminence of the terrestrial intervention, the mission has to be cancelled. Martians reintegrate their flying saucer and take off, leaving behind them lulled woman but safe, and the Doctor Marjorie Bolen who sees a possible love story flying off.