LEXX : The Dark Zone

(Lexx: The Dark Zone)

 The Story

On Cluster, the capital of the league of 20 000 planets, a ship with the power to destroy planets lies waiting for it's master - "His Divine Shadow". But the soon to be executed rebel Thodin has his eyes on it too, and mangles the city's computer system while engineering his escape. Using the chaos that erupts, the death sentenced security officer Stanley Tweedle and the escaped "love-slave" Zev evade capture and eventually team up with Thodin... with the undead assassin Kai following, with orders to kill them all...

A cowardly security guard, an undead assassin, a female with a body designed for sex and a robot head madly in love with her all make up the crew of the spaceship Lexx, the most powerful weapon in the two universes.

LEXX is the tale of a group of misfits who inadvertently steal the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. This weapon is the LEXX, an enormous, living and sentient insect genetically modified for space travel and planet destroying capabilities.

Hummm... Zev, half-Lizard, half-Human - LEXX : The Dark Zone (Lexx: The Dark Zone)
Hummm... Zev, half-Lizard, half-Human

The crew of the LEXX is made up of Xev, an ugly duckling sentenced to become a love slave who is accidentally transformed into the body of a pin-up girl with some cluster lizard DNA and an attitude; Kai, handsome and intelligent, and technically dead for the past 2000 years, is the last of his race and a programmed assassin for His Divine Shadow, evil ruler of the League of Twenty Thousand Planets; Stanley H Tweedle the bumbling Captain of the LEXX and the only one able to command the spacecraft, sees himself as the voice of reason, when really it is cowardice and an overly developed sense of self-preservation that motivates him;

and lastly 790, a robot who is madly in love with Xev despite the fact that all that's left of him is his head. In their escape from the Divine Order, the LEXX and its crew pass through a fractal core into the Dark Zone.


Searching for a new home, they leave a trail of anarchy and chaos in their wake as they travel throughout both universes. In series II, the search for a new home continues. Along the way, the crew encounters a new adventure in each episode, and a recurring threat to their existence and all life, as it has existed up until now.


The series is composed of four seasons. First season is made up with four TV-Movies introducing the adventures of the Spaceship Lexx and its "crew". The next three seasons are composed of an inequal number 60 minutes episodes.

Xev - LEXX : The Dark Zone (Lexx: The Dark Zone)
Stan - LEXX : The Dark Zone (Lexx: The Dark Zone)

The galactic adventure is so composed of 4 TV-Movies and 53 episodes. The 1st season airdates listed are from when the series was aired as a mini-series called Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories on the Canadian TV channel - Citytv. This series was then shown in the US on The Movie Channel from July to August 1997. The 2nd season airdates come from when the television series aired on the Canadian TV channel - Space The Imagination Station. These episodes were later aired in the US for the first time on the US Sci-Fi Channel from March 2000 to August 2000 in a haphazard order. The 3rd season airdates are from when this new series of episodes ran on the UK Sci-Fi Channel for the first time. These episodes are being shown on the US Sci-Fi channel in the months following the broadcast of the 2nd season episodes on this channel. The 4th season premieres on the US SciFi Channel.

Lexx,an organic spaceship - LEXX : The Dark Zone (Lexx: The Dark Zone)
Lexx,an organic spaceship