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Eight years after the incident of InGen, the paleontologist Alan Grant leads a peaceful life far away from the real dinosaurs and continues his researches on the intelligence of Velociraptors. Grant is elsewhere on the point to demonstrate their exceptional capacity to communicate between them and to coordinate their displacement. If dinosaurs had not known the sad fate we know, Velociraptors would be without doubt today's masters of the world. But by lack of financing, his researches are on the point to stop. Also, despite him, he accepts the proposal of a rich industrial adventurer, Paul Kirby and his wife, Amanda. In exchange of funds that are going to allow him to continue his work, he'll have to guide them on a flight tour over lsla Sorna. This island was formerly the B site of InGen, sheltering a diversified fauna of prehistoric animals stemming from the experiences of John Hammond for "Jurassic Park".

When their plane overflys Isla Sorna, Alan Grant and his pupil Billy Brennan understand that it does not only concern a tourist tour. Accompanied by two mercenaries, Udesky and Cooper, Kirby and Amanda land. In reality, these ones are in search of their son, Eric, missing on the island eight weeks earlier while he was illegally practicing parachuting above this territory nevertheless placed under high supervision.

Our adventurers... - Jurassic Park III
Our adventurers...

Unfortunately for them, they must rapidly face a Spinosaurus, the most dangerous and fierce dinosaur, that makes only a mouthful out of Cooper and stucks the plane to the ground. Unhappy of the fate that he has been reserved, Alan Grant decides to direct toward the ocean thinking that Eric Kirby is certainly no longer living. On the way, they cross a basis where they flee to avoid Velociraptors's repeated attacks whose behaviors confirm Grant's thesis about their incredible intelligence, their communication and cooperation ability. Curious to observe a such relentlessness on them from these creatures, Grant discovers that Billy stole Velociraptor's eggs. Theses ones seem decided to do everything to recuperate them.

Grant circled by Velociraptors - Jurassic Park III
Grant circled by Velociraptors

While they attempt to leave the camp, Grant is separated from the other members of the group. When he is found circled by carnivorous beasts, he is saved just in time by the young Eric Kirby who has known to improvise and adapt to his new situation.

Later, thanks to Paul Kirby's satellite telephone, Alan and Eric find back Paul, Amanda and Billy. The former escape once more from a Spinosaurus by finding refuge in a huge metallic dome. The team quickly understands that it concerns in fact an aviary sheltering a handle of Pterodatyls in search of preys for their offspring. Eric is kidnapped by one of these beast. Billy leaves to his rescue and liberates him to the peril of his own life...

Dr. Alan Grant - Jurassic Park III
Dr. Alan Grant
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While approching a river, the group discovers a little motorboat that seems functioning. Together, they ascend the waterway to the ocean. But the Spinosaurus that knows to displace underwater watches them and attacks the boat. This is only by firing the boat's fuel that Paul Kirby gets rid of the huge sanguinary monster while Grant succeeds a ultimate telephone distress call to his ex-wife.

After having finally given back the eggs to their proprietors, they arrive on one of the beach of the island where they are welcomed by marine corps coming to their rescue. To the great pleasure of everyone, Billy is among them. He knew how to save himself from that perilous situation. Everybody now directs to civilization while their helicopter crosses a group of Pteradactyls in search of a new land.