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The little laboratory Azime has for specialty the researches in cloning technologies. Directed by the buisinessman Frank Donahue, the company uses the great competence of the scientist Johnny Dalton, specialist avant-gardiste in the discipline and one of fathers of this technique. But Dalton falls in a deep coma when a commando for the defense of the environment breaks in to destroy Azime's installations. Seriously injury at the head, Johnny has to undergo an intervention Frank supervises.

When he wakes up, Johnny Dalton remembers but nevertheless 20 years past since the event. The Earth is polluted and the deterioration of its ozone layer does not allow residents to exit during the day. It is directed by monstrous corporations that leave the destitute people to desertion in a dangerous no mans' land. Now directed by Bosch, a strange man that refuses all physical contact with his employees, Azime has become an extremely powerful multinational.

Frank Donahue explains the situation - Johnny 2.0
Frank Donahue explains the situation

Frank explains to his ancient colleague that he is not Johnny Dalton, but a clone of the scientist who received his memories from computer data. He explains Johnny that the clonage technology is not perfect. A little defect releases a degeneration of cells that -- after seven days -- produces a reject of the own DNA sequence of the subject leading him to death. But a solution exists to correct the defect. It concerns a program that Johnny Dalton is the only to possess. But he hasn't been seen for years. Johnny version 2 has no other choice that to attempt to find Dalton for his own surviving and for the account of Azime. Who indeed knows better Dalton that Johnny?

Johnny must find back his original - Johnny 2.0
Johnny must find back his original

Helped by Taylor, one of the most brilliant officer of the APS (Azime Service Protection), a private police force, that has become the third police force in the world, Johnny throws in search of Dalton who could belong to the Front of Defense of the Environment (FDE), Azime's enemy organization, well armed and well organized.

Nikki Holland - Johnny 2.0
Nikki Holland

His inquiry leads him to meet Nikki Holland, a militant of the FDE. After being cleared from a bio-mechanics localisator implanted in his body that allows Azime to know his position, Johnny meets Johnny Dalton. This one has become a mistress piece in the struggle against Azime. A large scale operation to attack the buildings of the multinational has to take place very soon. Surprised, Dalton explains Johnny that his software cannot do anything against his future degeneration. Contrarily to "copy" processes under the way, Dalton's software is a process of synapt transfer that allows in reality to transfer the soul of a person in another body. Johnny has been used by Azime's boss in order that he finds at any costs his original. By appropriating the software, Bosch will be able to access to eternal life. During the attack of the multinational, Dalton dies and Johnny and Nikki are arrested...

Johnny and Nikki attack - Johnny 2.0
Johnny and Nikki attack
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Bosch is on the way to use the synaptic tranfer program developed by Dalton to transfer his spirit in Johnny's body, who, as tells him Frank, in reality don't have any degeneration process running. Bosch is effectively nothing more than a hologram. On the point to die, only powerfuil computers allow him to give the illusion of his physical presence. After a hard struggle to escape his destiny, Johnny puts an end to the life of the President of Azime and takes, as it had to be, the control of the company. The clone of Johnny Dalton who had to contain Bosch's soul, becomes now the master of places, and makes Frank under arrest, his old friend, who was also promised eternel life against his loyal services.