The Story

Dan Reilly has done his best to save his modest agricultural exploitation. Near bankruptcy, he accepts to submit his cattle to "fertilization's tests" led by a laboratory of biotechnology under the control of the local veterinarian Orla, her former girlfriend. During a routine examination, Orla discovers disturbing anomalies in the process and alerts her boss, John. But it is already too late : a scary mutation is in the process to be accomplished and, in a few hours, the situation is going to turn into nightmare...

Scary discovery - Isolation
Scary discovery

DoctorSF's Words

Orla, the veterinarian - Isolation
Orla, the veterinarian

INSULATION is the first feature film directed by Billy O'Brien. Grown up in an Irish farm, it is his childhood memories and his passion for science fiction and horror that led to this movie. Before 2003, the director had never dreamt about associating the two styles. Then, particularly interested in clonage and genetics, the idea of a uncontrolled genetic manipulation could bring the necessary theme for a production of this kind.

Because of its topic, the film is believable : "Everyone is ready for believe that 'somewhere', potentially harmful top-secret experiences are led. From this idea, I tried to dress this story with a maximum of realism to make it as true as possible.", explains O'Brien.

The beautiful Irish country - Isolation
The beautiful Irish country

For this story, an original visual approach strengthening the worrying aspect of the film has been chosen. The actors (only five characters : the farmer, the veterinarian, the scientist, the traveler and his girlfriend) are shot camera on the shoulder, and sometimes out of the field. These derogations to the classic language maintain the spectator in alert. Also, to give more weight, the visual tonality of the film has equally been strongly designed. The atmosphere given to the farm used in Ireland (where the movie was shot) has change a lot from its origin.

ISOLATION received the "Grand Prix du Jury" and the "Prix de la Critique Internationale" during the 13th Gerardmer festival (FRANCE).