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When 30 million dollars in diamonds are stolen in Amsterdam, the Major Mark Damon from the secret services recognizes the signature of the delinquent and knows that he is not going to process with a larcenous regular. Adaman, the secret arm of United States escaped from the Eden institute of Washington where it was created. The scary psychopath android half-human half-machine works for Marco Sanjoni.

Adaman, a terrible weapon - Millennium Man
Adaman, a terrible weapon

But in his attempt to unmask the delinquent, Damon faces Adaman and dies in Sardinia while he attempts to pull Brenda Sanjoni, his ex-teammate, and her son Enzo from the claws of her mafioso husband. Damon's body is repatriated in emergency in the Eden laboratories where his mind is transferred in a new android prototype, Adam, despite the orders of the army. Under the commandment of the Colonel Brody, the army wishes to put an end to these experiences and destroys the private institute. With the assistance of Martin Wade, the scientist who transferred Damon's mind, Adam escapes the soldiers and flies to search for Brenda.


Marco Sanjoni made believe the Colonel Brody that Damon was responsible for the kidnapping of his wife and the death of his son. He is also held responsible for the theft of the Adaman project and has to be captured. Shocked by his new android condition and his news physical capacities, Damon, who has becomes Adam, leaves in search of Brenda. Contrarily to what believed Brenda, her son Enzo is still alive and did not find death in the attack that killed Damon. Marco lied her in order to keep the guard of his son alone. Brenda decides with the assistance of Adam to trap Marco to recuperate her son...

Professor Shelly - Millennium Man
Professor Shelly
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

The army attempts secretly to profit from the situation to capture the two robots in once. Allying the complicity of the evil mafioso, they trap his residence with electromagnets allowing thus to block defensive systems of the robots. But thanks to the assistance of the Professor Shelly, Martin Wade's assistant, who wishes to keep her last android prototype alive, Adam put an end to Adaman's schemes and escapes with the Doctor Shelly while Brenda finds back her son.