I, Robot

(I, Robot)

 The Story

Detective Del Spooner with the aid of psychologist, Dr. Susan Calvin, investigates the death of Dr. Miles Hogenmiller, a brilliant scientist who worked at US Robotics. Initially labeled a suicide, Spooner has other ideas, convinced that a robot may have taken the doctor’s life.

Isolated and eccentric, Dr. Hogenmiller appears as a hologram of himself, summoning Spooner to his side after his death. He was working on a very special project when his life was cut short. He had created something quite extraordinary – a robot with a living brain, code named “Sonny.”

Sonny, revolutionnary NS-5 robot - I, Robot
Sonny, revolutionnary NS-5 robot

Spooner goes to Hogenmiller’s boss, Dr. Lance Robertson, with his suspicions. Incensed that Spooner wants to charge one of his robots with murder, Dr. Robertson maintains Dr. Hogenmiller took his own life. Terribly weary, Robertson knows full well that the future of his company would be snuffed out should the press get wind of the idea that a robot would, under any circumstances, kill a human being...

Lance Robertson comes to get his robot back - I, Robot
Lance Robertson comes to get his robot back

DoctorSF's Words

With John Campbell's help, another great sci-fi writer, Isaac Asimov writes from 1941 the three laws of the robotics. Between 1940 and 1958, he writes news dedicated to robots, starting point of a cycle published in two volumes : « I, Robots » in 1950 and « The Rest of the Robots » in 1964. This « Cycle of Robots » reverses the order of established things at the period. As robots where only seen like a danger for man, these ones finally finds a balance with the machines that become their servants. Asimov was the first to devote them realistic stories.

Ten years ago, Jeff Vintar, scriptwriter of FINAL FANTASY (2001), wrote a police script title « Harwired » in which a robot was suspected of the murder of a man. The Twentieth Century Fox bought the project to confide it to Alex Proyas, producer with a strong visual imagination. Proyas envisaged to introduce there elements, concepts and characters from Isaac Asimov's novels. This naturally behaved to a fusion between « Hardwired » and « I, Robots », a great project for Fox that always planned to produce a great movie about robotics.

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