The Invisible Man

(The Invisible Man)

 The Story

This time the invisible man is Darien Fawkes. Sentenced to life in prison for a crime he (mostly) didn't commit, Darien was transfered from jail to labratory when he agreed to be a guinea pig in a secret, government experiment. Because Darien's own brother is the head scientist in the experiment, Darien believed he was basically safe.

A gland that secretes a mysterious substance -- Quicksilver -- was implanted at the base of Darien's skull. The Quicksilver secretions enable him to become invisible at will, but they unexpectedly also degrade his higher brain functions, unleashing his dark impulses and pushing him towards insanity.

Claire - The Invisible Man
Darien, Y2K Invisible Man - The Invisible Man
Darien, Y2K Invisible Man

The inevitable destruction of Darien's mind can be only partially and temporarily suppressed by a counteragent, administered on a frequent basis by his government handlers. Consequently, Darien has struck an uneasy deal: the counteragent in return for serving a clandestine government agency as a secret operative.

The counteragent is delivered by The Keeper. She's the one who administers the precious liquid that preserves his sanity and keeps his violent impulses in check. But Claire is no Albert Schweitzer. She's a scientist thoroughly intrigued by Darien's ability, and its potential is a lure that may tempt her to stray from her scientific and human ethics. So far, she and Darien operate with a semblance of trust, but that trust is new and fragile and might easily be disrupted.

The series is composed of 2 seasons and 46 episodes. It was first aired on June 9, 2000 on the Network US "The Sci-Fi Channel".

Not easy to see myself in the miror! - The Invisible Man
Not easy to see myself in the miror!