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John Nada walks around Los Angeles streets looking for a job. He finaly finds one as a construction worker and meets Frank who seems to appreciate him. Since he hasn't enough money to afford a place to stay before his first paycheck arrives, he camps in a shantytown of homeless people.

Television broadcast hacker program - They Live
Television broadcast hacker program

One evening, he is looking for a television broadcast hacker program warning the population against a rising conspiracy. John is also intrigued by the activity that reigns around the presbytery on the other side of the street. Wanting to know some more, it enters the church and understands that the pirate emissions find their source there. He also discovers there an huge quantity of sunglasses. Later in the night, the police makes irruption in the holy place and drives out the population of homeless people.

Decided to know more, he returns back in the presbytery the following day and takes a box of glasses that the police did not discover then hide it after having kept a pair. Theses glasses will change his life.

When he carries it, John sees the world in an other way. The glasses make it possible to reveal subliminal messages diffused by all the newspapers, advertising bills and mediae in any kind.

Our world is invaded by aliens - They Live
Our world is invaded by aliens

He can for example read "Obey", "No Imagination", "Submit to Authority". But most alarming, these glasses enable him to see and understand that our world is invaded by extraterrestrial having taken human appearence who rules on the city by holding the most significant key places.

John then decides to dam up the plague and goes for action. He eliminates several aliens but he is quickly located by the police force running with the aliens. It is necessary for him of find assistance. After a long struggle, John succeeds to convince Frank of the existence of the extraterrestrials. Now, both join a movement of the resistance which provides them new lenses to replace the black glasses. But the resistance headquarters is attacked by the police forces...

John finds Frank's assistance - They Live
John finds Frank's assistance
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Using a special watch caught to an alien, they are both instantaneously transported into the enemy underground base. There, John and Franck learn that in 2025 the whole world will be invaded and they are the witnesses of the massive teleportation of aliens from and towards their origin planet.

Aliens have noticed John and Frank - They Live
Aliens have noticed John and Frank

Conscious that they arrived in the extraterrestrial operation nerve center, the two dispensers of justice take assault the television center channel 54. This one shelters a transmitter which scrambles the vision of the reality. Thanks to it, the extraterrestrial have a completely human aspect and the subliminal messages are invisible. Without it, any person can uncover the impostors. In the attack, Frank finds death, betrayed by a human, while John manages to destroy the transmitter right before being shot down in his turn. In this noble and heroic gesture, the alien cover drops down revealing the truth to the whole world ruining instantaneously the alien conspiracy.