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A spaceship crushed after being chased down by another vessel that finishes also crushes. A man with a human aspect escapes the first engine and flies in search of a young woman...

Annie Nielson, a yong teacher, has just recover from her rupture with Jack, a police officer, that occurred four month ago. Because she became sterile following an operation, she couldn't give him the children he wished.

While she spends an evening with her best friend, Gail, to forget her concerns, the man from the spaceship, Renn Atiran Daar, takes her on the dance floor and kisses her before disappearing.

Renn Atiran Daar - The Invader
Renn Atiran Daar

The following day, she vanishes ahead her pupils and learns petrified, that she is pregnant. The same evening, Annie is removed by Renn, who announces her that he is the father of the baby she's holding, conceived to save from annihilation by his enemies the alien civilization to which he belongs. By now, one of his enemies is there. It is the pilot of the second spaceship that also launched in search of Renn and that wants to kill Annie and her baby. He has undergone a genetic modification that makes him stronger and nearly indestructible. Renn explains Annie that she has to follow him to the mother vessel so as to give birth... in 3 days !

Renn's technology can allow Annie to see her child - The Invader
Renn's technology can allow Annie to see her child

Annie and Renn have to leave their vehicle to join the spaceship threw the woods. But the Serine, Renn's enemy whose race created a real genocide towards the his people, tracks them and makes him pass for a bounty hunter so as to follow the group of policemen, led by Jack.

Profiting an inattention moment, Annie gets escape to find herself facing Willard. She so understands that Renn was telling the truthand escapes barely a certain death thanks to the intervention in extremis of this last.

After a long race, Jack handcuffs Willard because he fired ont the runaway and because he provoked an accident. But the alien gets with no pain to free himself thanks to his powers.

Jack does not suspects Willard to kill the fugitives - The Invader
Jack does not suspects Willard to kill the fugitives

When Annie and Renn arrive on the landing zone, they notice with horror that the spaceship has been disintegrated by the thunder. To crown it all they are arrested...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

By mean of radio communication, Annie then explains Jack that Willard seeks to kill both of them and that he has to free Renn. But it is too late : Willard kills Jack teammate and this last escapes barely death thanks to his fall from a cliff. The Serine does not late to find back the prisoners who anyway escape him. They decide to find a place in order that a spaceship can land and take them. Renn will use the baby's voice to call for help. It is a gift, that blurs with the age, that have children of this people. The chosen place is the summit of a mountain that they reech in a cablecar. On the spot Annie can no longer wait and Renn hels her to give birth. While Jack joins them in helicopter, Willard always chasing them will be electrocute by Renn in a last fight with its enemy.

The spaceship lands - The Invader
The spaceship lands

A spaceship lands and takes the child, while Renn dies after having heald Annie who will now be able to have children again.