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July 2nd. At the SETI institute in New-Mexico, radio signals are noticed in space but their source curiously comes from the moon. At the Pentagon, a huge spaceship of about 550 km of diameter is observed. The Question whether or not we're alone in the Universe has been answered. Soon, the alien spaceship arrives in orbit aroud the earth and scrambles satellite transmissions. From this vessel extract 10 to 15 smaller ones of approximately 25 km of diameter. Each takes places above the biggest capitals of the planet.

David learns the news with his with its colleagues of work - Independence Day
David learns the news with his with its colleagues of work

David, a genius in electronics and transmission, discovers that hidden signals in satellite transmissions repeat by decreasing until extinction. He quickly understands that it is a countdown and that aliens are not peaceful. They use our satellites system to coordinate a massive attack that will begin at the end of the deduction. David warns his friends, get his father with him and, while Washington sees the exodus of its population, he directs to the White House to warn his ex-wife, Constance, who works as a press attaché for the President. She makes him enter into the White House in order that he demonstrates his theory to the President. Convinced, this one orders the evacuation while attempts of communications with the extraterrestrials ends with a war action from them.

The countdown ends and spaceships open the fire. A powerful armament reduces rapidly the greatest cities into ashes. The President, accompanied by David, his father and Constance escape barely on board "Air Forces One". The counterattack is ordered...

The extraterrestrials destroy the White House - Independence Day
The extraterrestrials destroy the White House

A respectful flotilla of fighters takes air from El Toro Air Foce base and throws into the spaceships assault.

Captain Steven "Eagle" Hiller - Independence Day
Captain Steven "Eagle" Hiller

But the welcome of the aliens surprises. Indeed flying saucers remain attackproof to the assaults of the fighters. Theses one seems to be  protected by a shield that missiles cannot cross. Worse, the extraterrestrials launch their own  hunters, equally equipped with protective shields that make a real slaughter among flotillas. Nevertheless, among the former, the Captain Steven Hiller, a fighting heroes, despite the loss of its machine, shots down in flames an alien spacecraft and extracts its pilot. He drags the alien to a little air base that he noticed before he crashed.

In reality, this secret base is the aera 51 and it shelters the Roswell spacecraft, identical to the alien ships. The base welcomes the President, who has just been informed of the truth of this affair. The alien is quickly  picked up by the scientists of the center, but it tries to kill the President. The aliens are telepaths and before it is destroyed by his bodyguards, the President has been able to read in its thoughts. This race of invaders with which no peace is foreseeable loots planets from all their resources then leave to other ones. Horrified by this vision, the President gives then his orders to use the atomic weapon. But the result is unfruitful, the flying machines remain intact.

July 4th. Thanks to his father, David gets a brillant idea and find the means to desactivate the fields of energy that protect visitors. David demonstrates that by inoculating a computer virus it may be possible to momentany deprive them of shield. But to succeed a such mission, it is absolutely necessary to implant the virus directly from inside the mothership. It even would infect all the other vessels allowing to offer a short window that would permit to synchronize a world attack. Steven voluntaries to pilot the Roswell spacecraft. David will implant the virus...

Steven and David are retained onboard the mothership - Independence Day
Steven and David are retained onboard the mothership
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

While preparations ends, all international military forces are informed of the attack plan and synchronized. Supplementary pilots are recruited on the heap. The small Roswell vessel takes off and hurries toward the mothership. In its proximity, it is remote driven directly to quay inside the huge ship. When moored, David transfers the virus while on Earth begins the aerial attack. But their return seems less probable. Their vessel is unable to free from the docks and they are unmasked. Because they have nothing to lose, David and Steven loose the atomic bomb they took as a welcome present. By chance, this allows them to be released. They succeed in leaving in extremis the mothership before it explodes.

The final strikes back has begun - Independence Day
The final strikes back has begun

On the ground, although missiles come to defect, earthling forces reveals the weak point of the spaceships. The victory is total. Everywhere in the world, the day of the independence of the United States.