The Amazing Transparent Man

(The Amazing Transparent Man)

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Sirens of a penitentiary sound. Joey Faust, a bank robber escapes under his guards' fire. Outside, a car is waiting for him. It is driven by a woman; Laura Matson. Laura provides him civil clothes and helps him to cross the different police check points. She drives him to an isolated house surrounded by vast fields to meet there his benefactor, the Major Paul Krenner, a soldier who has organized his escape.

The Major Krenner needs Joey Faust to realize a work. Joey is surprised. Why choosing a burglar whose face is known all the way around?. Krenner makes him visit the first floor of the house that hides a secret experimental laboratory. The Dr. Peter Ulof, a brilliant nuclear physicist, has perfected a ray combining X-ray, ultra-violet, Alpha ray, Beta and Omega that renders invisible all cloths and bone of a body that is submitted to. To demonstrate its efficiency, he applies the rays on a guinea pig that disappears then reappears. But the work of Ulof is not ended. He needs more radioactive matter to perfect his invention. And Joey must help them. Chosen for his fearsome reputation of bank robber, Krenner asks him to steal a source of plutonium in a close military center after being rendered invisible by the scientist's rays.

Krenner introduces Dr. Ulof to Faust - The Amazing Transparent Man
Krenner introduces Dr. Ulof to Faust

Later in the night, schemed, Joey Faust renders a short visits to Ulof in the laboratory. The nuclear scientist tells him that Krenner is constraining him to work for the man who threats the life of his daughter Maria.

Faust tries to gain the confidence of Laura. He needs her to get much more than the thousand dollars promised by Krenner in payment for this « little job ». He offers the woman the possibility by the same time to get more than working for the eyes of the Major.

Invisibility experiment - The Amazing Transparent Man
Invisibility experiment

Being made invisible by Ulof's invention, Faust enters the military center and steals the highly radioactive materials. Krenner wants to experiment the new fuel on Faust. The ultimate goal to be reached by the Major is to create an army of invisible men so as to take the control of the country. The experience is very dangerous and the utilization of rays vows their subject to a certain death. Although he refuses to realize the experience on Faust, Ulof has to comply ahead Krenner's threats…

Dr. Ulof - The Amazing Transparent Man
Dr. Ulof
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Faust, rendered invisible once more, uses this new ability to loot the chest of a bank with Laura's assistance. But his invisibility is partial. During the break, he is unmasked and escapes. Faust returns to the laboratory and profits a new period of partial invisibility to stun Krenner and to free Maria, Ulof's daughter.

The scientist implores the burglar to destroy the diabolic machine that would only drive to misfortune. Learning him that he has only one month left to live after his exposition to the rays of invisibility, he convinces Faust to act for the gain of the humanity. The robber returns to the laboratory and confronts Krenner. In the final fight, Laura, Krenner and he will find death in the nuclear explosion released by the radioactive fuel liberated by the military madman who wanted to create an invisible army.