The Ice Pirates

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Long after the great interplanetary wars, the Galaxy has gone dry. Water has become the only thing left of value. The evil Templars from the planet Mithra have gained control of this life-giving resource. Their power is now absolute, except for a few rebel pirates who survive by stealing ice from the great Templar fleets.

The pirate's spaceship separates into three parts - The Ice Pirates
The pirate's spaceship separates into three parts

Among them, the pirate chief Jason and his friends launch an assault on the Meterak, a space cargo belonging to the Evil Templars. In addition to stealing the precious load of ice, they kidnap the Princess Karina who was on board. However, the pirates are chased by a spaceship under the command of Zorn, ruler of the evil Templars. Jason and his friends have to separate, and their pirate vessel divides into three parts. The crew plans to rendezvous later on the planet Zagora. Unfortunately, Jason, and his second, Roscoe, are captured by the enemy.

After taking back the Princess, Zorn imprisons the pirates with slaves and deports them to the planet Mithra, where they are to be castrated like the rest of the slaves.

Jason - The Ice Pirates

However, for reasons unknown to them, Jason and Roscoe are saved from this horrible end by Princess Karina, who escapes with them. On their way, she explains them that she wishes to do some business with Lanky Nibs on their pirate moon, Zagora.

On Zagora, Jason and Roscoe find their teammates. There, the Princess Karina explains that she has to find Lanky Nibs, who is the only one who knows where her father is. After a hard negotiation with the Frog Lady, Jason uses her vehicle to meet Lanky who lives in the desert.

Lanky Nibs knows that her father is still alive because the two of them were seeking for the 7th world together- a mythical world covered with water. After the destruction of the sixth planet of water during the war, the existence of a seventh had become legendary. However, evil Templars slaughtered their crew because if anyone were to find such a planet, it would threaten the Templar authority in the galaxy. Lanky tells them that Karina's father is a captive in System 3, while Lanky himself had succeeded in escaping from it...

The bounty hunters attack - The Ice Pirates
The bounty hunters attack
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

At this point, bounty hunters working for the Evil Templars arrive, and attempt to capture the group. The pirates succeed in getting rid of them before they take off from Zagora toward System 3. There, the Princess discovers that the man who claims to be her father is nothing more than an Omega type robot.

They meet Wendon, who gives Karina the ring of her father. This ring contains a hologram that tells them the directions to reach the 7th world. The Ice Pirates leave in search of this mythical world. On the way, they are pursued by Zorn's spaceship. Their vessel is attacked, and after a merciless struggle, the pirates get rid of the Templars and finally discover the 7th world- Earth.

Finaly, they reach the 7th world : Earth - The Ice Pirates
Finaly, they reach the 7th world : Earth