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A crew of scientists working in the Artic ices discovers the body of a Neandertal man deep-frozened for near 40.000 years in flawless state of conservation. During the procedure of defrosting, the team of surgeons, led by the doctor Diane Brady, discovers that cells of the prehistoric man have miraculously garaged in function, consequently of what, a cerebral activity, then a muscular one is sighted. Gathering all their efforts, the medical crew brings back to life the body of the man.

The scientists make contact with Charlie - Iceman
The scientists make contact with Charlie

In order not to disturb him, Charlie, such is the name given to the miraculous eradicated prehistoric man from his several millennium sleep, is not voluntarily exposed to the contemporary life. He is placed in a dome where is artificially recreated a savage place close to the one he might have left forty thousand years ago. Parked in the strictest secret, he is well far to think that beyond his walls, a community of scientists observes him.

Stanley and Diane - Iceman
Stanley and Diane

Among them, the anthropologist, the Doctor Stanley Shepard, begins to study Charlie and decides to meet him. The contact first establishes in a violent manner, then little by little, is created a real friendship between the two men who learn to converse together.

Shepard quickly understand that it is necessary for Charlie to meets a woman. So, he convince Diane to meet the prehistoric man. The two scientists learn that the prehistoric man had left in search of food and in search of a new home for his family. Today, not having succeeded to reach his goal, he wishes to die.

Stanley and Diane are disagree - Iceman
Stanley and Diane are disagree

Quickly, Stanley and Diane fall disagree. She wishes, in the name of science, the anthropoid to be transferred to deepen more studies on him, while Shepard wishes to free Charlie, a human being as any other, in order for him to terminate the quest he had undertaken...

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Finally, Shepard takes the initiative and frees Charlie taking him in the Artic snows. Both walk together for a long trip while a team of rescuers throws to their pursuit. Natural elements of the region oblige Shepard to separate from the Neandertal man. Despite calls of the scientist, Charlie  continue his path to finally meet the bird that will lead him to heaven... the helicopter that came to help him to which he hangs then drops in a lethal but liberator fall.

Charlie sees the bird from heaven - Iceman
Charlie sees the bird from heaven