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The Man Who Fell to Earth

(The Man Who Fell to Earth)

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Thomas Newton did a very long trip through the galaxy. Alone onboard his spaceship, he left his family in the close hope to save his arid planet where the water cruelly lacks. Just arriving on Earth and thanks to his very similar morphology very close to man's one, he throws in the realisation of his project; return water back, in abundance on the blue planet.

Owner of numerous technological inovating patents, he puts in quest of a specialized attorney. Thanks to a nice amount of money he manages as Oliver Farnsworth, the best attorney on the subject, to be totally faithful and, to convince him in the appropriateness, Newton offers him ten per cent of the cashed dividend on the exploitation of his fundamental patents. The enterprise is juicy and quickly Thomas creates the « World Company », a very powerful multinational directed by Farnsworth himself.

A businessman coming from the stars - The Man Who Fell to Earth
A businessman coming from the stars

Thomas sets in to New Mexico where he has bought there many fiels. In the hotel where he lives, he meets Mary-Lou, a maid. With her graciousness, Mary-Lou will become the closest person to Newton and thanks to her, he will discover joys of the physical love.

The more Newton is secret and more people are concerned by his private life. It is the case of Nathan Bryce, a Chemistry professor teaching at the university of Chicago and desirous to work for the prestigious company. His efforts are finally rewarded when Farnsworth, in agreement with Newton, offers him to work at the fuel research service. Newton seems to have a new project that is going to necessitate all fund united by the trust and he orders that new collaborators are recruited. His goal: launching the first space program with private funds.

Newton and Mary-Lou : a non common relationship - The Man Who Fell to Earth
Newton and Mary-Lou : a non common relationship

Some times later Bryce finally personally meets the enigmatic Newton. The man who felt to earth tells him that he is couning on his precious collaboration and unveils him his spaceship project destined to travel far beyond the star of our galaxy. A project in which the key resides in the economy of the precious gazoline.

While Bryce is on the way to discover the secret of the mysterious man, Newton confesses his alien origins. Mary-Lou her turn discovers the truth about Thomas when he finishes by unveiling the girl his real appearance. Bryce and Mary-Lou form the only two persons he is in confidence with.

Thomas is congratulated by Jim Lovell, the (real) commander of Apollo 13 - The Man Who Fell to Earth
Thomas is congratulated by Jim Lovell, the (real) commander of Apollo 13

The public opinion wonders. « How a man having a such fortune can risk everything to make a trip in space ? ». Thomas Newton disturbs. The CIA is interested in the strange businessman. While he readies for the great departure that will return him home, Newton is removed and Farnsworth is killed by masqued men…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Thomas is secretly closed in a great apartment where he cannot escape and where he is condemnee to live eternally. For years, it is proceeded on him with medical experiments. Bryce and Marty-Lou find back his steps. Both Newton's friends have aged while he has physically remained the same. Their visit is for him a great endorsement but he sinks into alcoholism. The spaceship he build is destroyed as well as all the installations around. When one day Newton notices that the door of the apartment is curiously half-opened, he escapes. Without any other solution to return home, Newton records a musical record, a message that he knows hiw wife hear someday.