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Chance O'Brien is a Kick Boxing champion. This could have seem banal, but in this futuristic world, he regularly fights against genetically modified men improved with physical performances raised up thanks to 10% biotechnological implants that many companies produce and improve each day. Nevertheless despite the repeated efforts of the manufacturers, Chance is the undisputed master, 100% human, of martial arts who transforms all his fights into victories.

Tsel Tung, Sianon Corporation financial director - Heatseeker
Tsel Tung, Sianon Corporation financial director

So as to confront to rival companies and to sit its technological power, the Sianon Corporation, lead by its financial director Tsel Tung, is on the way to organize and to sponsor a world tournament in which the greatest warriors will be invited. Each company will use the best of its cyber-technology. The gain will be the world supremacy.

Chance O'Brien - Heatseeker
Chance O'Brien

Tsel Tung presents to his shareholders, Xao, the fighter that will represent them during this tournament. Although Xao has already been beaten by O'Brien, the genetically modified man will this time be endowed with all the biotechnological advantages of his company. Contrarily to the other previously disputed fights, the tournament organized by Sianon Corporation will authorize the increase of the cyber-implants up to 50%, transforming thus the warriors into mutants half-men, half-machines. But despite attractive proposals made by Tsel Tung, Chance O'Brien refuses to enter in the tournament. Chance thinks indeed that he no longer has to proove anything. To oblige him to fight, the scrupulous Tung removes the beautiful Jo, trainer and Chance’s betrothed he was ready to marry.

O'Brien entrers on the ring - Heatseeker
O'Brien entrers on the ring

Thanks to a behavior blocker, Tung obliges the woman to prepare the training of the Sianon Corporation fighter. Despite him, Chance renders therefore on Bokan island and, after some setbacks, enters into the tournament. Matches chain provoking the raise or the decline of the actions of the technological companies in function of the results obtained by their respective warriors; results often leading to their death…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Fortunately for him, the experience, the mental and the force of O'Brien allow him to achieve all his fights until the half-final that sees him opposed to his friend Bradford. While the gain of the victory seems to be acquired, this last is finally beatten by O'Brien. In fact, Bradford has been bought by Tung who hopes to see the human fighting in final versus the floret of his technology : Xao. D-Day arrives. Addict by the view of Jo in Tung’s claws, Chance finally makes only a mouthful of the android and the scoundrel who threatened his family.