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Solo is the absolute weapon. He is a androïde with a perfect human aspect developed by Bill Stewart for the U.S. government. As an androïd soldier, he has no family, no friends. If he is deteriorated, he is sent to the breakage without pouring him any pension. He is the perfect soldier. His first real mission consists in employing him to destroy a runway on the point to be terminated by a group of rebels that could destabilize a friendly country somewhere in South America. But the command module 949 of the android cancels the mission when he understands that the rebels use civilians reduced to forced work. The module 949 tells : avoiding all prejudice to non combatants.

Colonel Frank Madden is looking for Solo - Solo
Colonel Frank Madden is looking for Solo

The General Clyde Haynes and the Colonel Frank Madden decide to put a term to the Solo project that has costed some two billion dollars. Despite protests of his inventor, Solo no longer belongs in the army and has to be desactivated. But Solo intercepts the message. He applies one of his first directive - self-protection. He escapes on board a helicopter. Haynes orders to the Colonel Madden to take him back without breakage. After a pursuit in the air, the android's helicopter voluntarily hits the wall of a mountain.

Solo escapes the accident. He wanders in the jungle and finds refuge in an old temple where he puts himself in standby to preserve his energy, his main energy tablet remaining in Bill's hands. The android is collected by residents of a village persecuted by a military band without recluses. They do not delay to discover the real nature of the American soldier. By supplying his needs in electricity, Solo is committed to help peasants to defend against the bad guys.

The native inhabitants welcome the american soldier - Solo
The native inhabitants welcome the american soldier

Using all his warlike knowing he prepares the village to receive rebels and forms peasants to the apprenticeship of arms. But Solo equally learns a lot more from them and from the human beings in general : the instinct of sacrifice, ruse and bluff, so much things that are quiet not logical for him. While a large scale operation is run to find out the android, Solo discovers many tunnels that form an ancient city on which lays the village.

Time to fight has arrived - Solo
Time to fight has arrived

Time to fight has arrived. After a long struggle, peasants, helped by the android repel rebels. But the battle has allowed the team led by the Colonel Frank Madden to notice him. Madden rises a stratagem to discredit the robot and to obtain the authorization to get rid of him...

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He obtains from the General Haynes that Bill, who still possesses the secret hope to repair Solo, participate in the researches. In fact, Bill serves only bait for the capture of the android. Solo escapes and saves his inventor under Madden's annoyed face. Paying with his life, Bill provides him a new power tablet that restores him the necessary power for his real autonomy.

Madden allies with the rebels - Solo
Madden allies with the rebels

Despite the trap tended for Solo by Madden and the chief of the rebels allied for the circumstances, Solo evacuates the population retained in hostage via the village's subterranean tunnels before killing his enemies and the infamous Colonel Madden who has become a real psychopath. But while all seems finished, a new enemy faces Solo, an other android with Madden's effigy. Solo will get rid of it and escape definitively his pursuers thanks to what it learnt from humans; ruse and bluff...

DoctorSF's Words

Try to guess what film runs on the paesant TV when Solo uses it's electricity to regenerate him ? "Earth vs the Flying Saucers" ! Pretty wink from the director who seems to recognize a great movie rather than to realise one.