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In the year 2050, the sun that is the mother of all life starts the final phase of its catastrophe scenario by threatening to make gush a gigantic flame that will destroy all living creature on Earth. Soon our planet will be nothing more than an huge blaze. To the deepest space at 500.000 km from the Earth, on an asteroid called New Trinidad, Man has created an anti-matter bomb named "Freddy". It represents the greatest explosive force of all the history of mankind. The mission of the last chance driven by a team of scientists consists in sending this bomb the most deeply possible in our star so as to deviate the unavoidable flame from the path of the Earth.

Helios approches space station Skytown - Solar Crisis
Helios approches space station Skytown

But this capital surviving mission for the humanity is not seen of a good eye by all. IXL Corporation, directed by the unscrupulous Arnold Teague, profits the terror of residents of the Earth to grant cheaply the totality of its goods and to construct the greatest financial empire of the world. For Teague, the solar explosion will not take place and is only pure chimera. He decides to make fail the mission to reach his purposes.

Arnold Teague wants the mission to fail - Solar Crisis
Arnold Teague wants the mission to fail

On board the spaceship Helios stowed to the orbital space station Skytown, members of the crew, each specialized in a different expertise area, lead the dangerous mission directed by the Commander Steve Kelso. Near the New Trinidad asteroid, Helios has to take possession of the probe RA that shelters the anti-matter bomb before to direct to the sun. Because of the lack of reliability of the RA's guidance system, a pilot will have to sacrifice to drive the probe. But before the departure of the spaceship the director of the project, Alex Noffe, a scientist bio-geneticaly created, is hypnotized and programmed by Teague's men to obey IXL given orders.

Alex is programed - Solar Crisis
Alex is programed

While Helios directs to its loading, Alex is despite her and against her own will behind several sabotages. After a damage in the system of cooling of the spaceship and the explosion of one of its oxygen tank, the sudden programming of Freddy manual detonation,

while the RA is still in Helios lockers, seems to compromise definitively the project...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

With the assistance of his son Mike and his father, the Admiral Kelso, remained on Earth who unmask the partner of sabotages, Steve understands that Alex is the direct responsible on board. In a flash of conscience, she cancels in extremis the firing of the gigantic bomb...

Steve Kelso and his father, Admiral Kelso - Solar Crisis
Steve Kelso and his father, Admiral Kelso

To redeem herself, Alex jumps in the pilot seat of the RA probe and activates its launching to the center of the sun. The sacrifice of the young and beautiful scientist will not be vain and the mission will finish in a real success. Finally the sun will have spit its gigantic threatening flame in an other direction of the Earth saving thus life of billions of human beings and offering a new delay to our old planet.