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South Pacific, a Japanese peach ship is sunk. Panama, imprints of a thing that could measure several tens of meters high are discovered. In Jamaica, a freighter has been disemboweled and on the east coast of the United States, three trawlers are suddenly aspired and gobbled. According to the Doctor Nick Tatopoulos, removed to his studies while he was analyzing the worm mutation in the mud of Tchernobyl, it could concern the mutation of a race of saurian due to nuclear tests realized by France in the Pacific. The irruption of a monster in the New York streets seems to give him right.

The beast invades Manhattan spread terror. So as to attract the monster and to destroy it, tons of fish are poured.

Nick Tatopoulos - Godzilla
Nick Tatopoulos

Although the ruse functions and attracts the monster, the army does not succeed to overcome it and it escapes without leaving any traces. Nick understands that the monster has found refuge in the basements of the city. When they evict it, a pursuit race in the streets of Manhattan between the monster and fighting helicopters is running. But heat collectors are ineffective because of the cold blood of the saurian, the beast escapes them.

However, Nick Tatopoulos makes a much more important discovery. The beast is pregnant and prepares to lay its eggs. The secret is rapidly unveiled when Nick's ancient girlfriend and reporter apprentice, Audrey Timmonds, looking for the scoop that will make her start her career, distributes the information on local televisions. The scientist is fired.

Nick makes an important discovery - Godzilla
Nick makes an important discovery

In a taxi going to the airport, Nick is despite him driven to a warehouse where members of the DGSE, the french secrets services are waiting for him. These one, lead by Philippe Roche, take far more serious his information that the americans do who only devote to the hunting of the monster. Philippe Roche succeeds to convince him to join them and to leave to the search of possible eggs in the basements of the city. But in the wake of the french intervention group, Audrey and his cameraman Victor Palotti follow the operation in a very close way.

Philippe Roche, french secrets services - Godzilla
Philippe Roche, french secrets services

Meanwhile, the american authorities prepare a new trap at Central Park. But Godzilla, the name given to the monster by a surviving japanese, avoid it and when a cloud of fighting helicopters force it to dive in the river, the navy and its submarines hunts the monster. After heavy losses, Godzilla is killed...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Arriving at Madison Square Garden, the french team and Nick Tatopoulos discover eggs layed by Godzilla. But they discover much more than they hoped to discover and the quantity of explosives will not suffice to destroy them all. To complicate things, such as a nightmare, the eggs are flowering. The only alternative is to escape, that allows Philippe, Nick, Audrey and Victor to gather.

Is it the Godzilla's end? - Godzilla
Is it the Godzilla's end?

Audrey leads the group in the superior floors of the Madison Square Garden where is a TV studio. She succeeds in sending a live flash to the New York population, mentioning the presence of 200 flowered eggs or on the point to be. If they do not stop them, these lizards will be the next dominant race on earth. The four leave the building in extremis before the intervention of the army. This one, now aware, destroys the structure, ultimate solution against the expansion of the beast. While all seems ended, to the deepest of the Madison Square Garden, an still intact egg flowers!