The Giant Gila Monster

(The Giant Gila Monster)

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In the depths of the Middle West, a fifteen meters long mutant lizard wanders near a little city of the texas. Pat Wheeler and Liz Humphries, two teens on a lover rendez-vous, are the first victims of the horrible monster.

First victims of the horrible monster - The Giant Gila Monster
First victims of the horrible monster

Warned by deputy Wheeler, the disapeared young men's father, Sheriff Jeff leads the inquiry. Wheeler wishes the Sheriff to question Chace Winstead, the leader of the group of youths to which belonged the two disapeared teens. Wheeler does not wear Chase in esteem. For the Sheriff, who does not subscribe to his point of view, the young man is a honest and serious boy, fond of car mechanical who found a job as a mechanic in garage Compton. When he does not work, he passes his time improving his roadster and helps his mother who raises alone his sister Missy, victim of the polio.

Wheeler wants the Sheriff to question Chace - The Giant Gila Monster
Wheeler wants the Sheriff to question Chace

The Sheriff visits Chase and learns him the disappearance of his friends. Chase explains him that Pat and Liz did not have any particular problems or enemies. The boy accepts to help the Sheriff in his inquiry. With a couple of friends, he finds back Pat's car and exits it from the pit in which

the car was projected by the monster. A ubiquitous monster that grinds all near. A meticulous inspection reveals neither struggle trace nor blood.

Later in the night the huge lizard makes a new victim. It concerns this time Mr. Compton, the mechanics man and Chase's employer. The sheriff does not arrive to find a common point to these disappearances and these repeated accidents. Later, a train derails after the destructoin of a bridge. Some survivors of the catastrophe assert to have seen a giant lizard, but the unthinkable testimonies are forsaken and put on the account of a shock state and optic illusion. Nevertheless, the drunkard of the village also saw the monster and was the witness of the train derailment.

The Monster - The Giant Gila Monster
The Monster

Although this seems incredible, Chase and the Sheriff rally to this improbable theory. By reconsidering this, Chase makes elsewhere the reconciliation with what a man he repaired talled him. The former, under the ascendancy of alcohol, saw a huge beast crossing the road, what obliged him to make a yaw. The monster could effectively exists and being the cause of all the problems occuring in this part of the Texas. The Sheriff proposes Chase to keep the secret so as not to create the panic among the population…

Chase and the Sheriff rally to the improbable theory - The Giant Gila Monster
Chase and the Sheriff rally to the improbable theory
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

All the teens of the city are gathered for the great saterday night party. While the party goes on, the monster attacks. Repeated gunshots of the Sheriff can only make escape the horrible creature. While the Sheriff leaves to seek reinforcements, Chase has his own idea on the way to stop the giant lizard. The boy renders in Compton's garage and takes there the nitroglycerine habitually mixed with the fuel of his roadster. He stuffs his vehicle with this explosive liquids and projects it against the monster that takes immediately fire. With the end of this terrible giant, Chase is finally exonerated of the accusations carried against his by Wheeler. Wheeler rendered him responsible for the disappearance of his son and the death of Chase's employer.