The Giant Claw

(The Giant Claw)

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In the north of the United States, a team of scientists tests radars that particate in the arsenal of defense of the country against any invasion. While Mitch MacAfee, an electrician expert in radar, make some repeated flights with his jet plane, the math scientitst Sally Caldwell proceed to a series of measures down on the base.

During a flight, Mitch sees a huge UFO. Unfortunately the radars do not record any echo and nobody seems to trust the expert pilot, neither even his lovely colleague and mate. The authorities must however revise their judgement when one of their interception plane is missing in action and when a flight transport damages a while after its pilots have also report the appearance of UFO as large as a warship.

...attacks - The Giant Claw

Later, the plane flying to New York where Mitch and Sally have taken seats is attacked and must crashes down over Canada. Welcomed by Stone Broussard, the man tells them the legend of the "Caccagna" that predicts a rapid death to those who see the huge bird.

Mitch and Sally  - The Giant Claw
Mitch and Sally

The thing attacks again. This time it is an investigation flight. The four poor passagers who jumped out with their parachutes are devored before even they reach the ground, nevertheless succeeding in transmit the identity of their executioner : a giant buzzard as large as a warship. A balloon probe returns elsewhere some thrilling pictures. Neither canons, nor rockets, nor missiles, nor even the nuclear fire (secretly used) seems to knock the monster. Wisemen, in search of an explanation, discover the reasons of its very resistant nature. A scientists demonstrates that the universe is made not only matter but also of antimatter. And he thinks the giant buzzard to be surrounded of an energy field that could be antimatter, what would explain that the bird does not appear on the radar screens. Other discovery, the analysis of one of its feather makes no doubt : it is an alien that comes from outer space.

Chase party - The Giant Claw
Chase party

General Edward Considine rings the alert. The bird that was previously seen by some specialists now frightens all the population everywhere in the world, spreading death and destruction. Nobody can escape the attacks of the beast that the least movements attracts. The Martial Law is decreted. All move, aerial, terrestrial and naval is fordibben…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Mitch and Sally discover that the bird nests where their plane crash lands and where they met Pierre. They find the nest and destroy the giant egg. Pierre is attacked and fond an horrible death. It is urgent to warn the authorities and to urge the governments to seek and destroy other possible eggs.

The only solution to beat the bird could have come from the creation of particular atomes that would have the ability to infiltrate between others. They could then pierce the shield of the flesh and blood made monster. All put at work. After many unfruitful tries, Mitch discovers the miraculous atomic combination. The weapon is loaded on a bomber. The bird falls in the trap prepared by the humans. With the assistance of some scientists, Mitch and Sally succeed in overcoming the giant and to restore peace on the Earth.