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By the year 4039, Earth was a scarred and desolated battlefield. Hoards of armoured robots created by man in the previous century, were sweeping the planet, brutally destroying everything in their path and threatening mankind with extinction. One city attempted to escape their onslaught by unravelling the secrets of time and tyravelling back in a desperate search for a safer age... The succeeded and time was their friend until the arrival yet again of their relentness enemy.

Once more the city is victim of the repeated assaults of the Jen-Diki. While waiting to unite the necessary power for a new time jump, some soldiers, leaded by the valorous Ballard, attempt to repel the assault. This is only by sacrificing one of the pillar of the city that he allows all to escape once more to the horrible Cyborgs, formerly humans but now monster half-man, half-machine. They supervise their movements through time thanks to a huge powerful triangular force field.

Ballard and Petra, tomorrow's scouts - The Time Guardian
Ballard and Petra, tomorrow's scouts

To escape the Cyborgs, committee members of the city, decides to cross time and to stop in the past in the year 1988. So as to prepare the ground to the arrival of the damaged city to which it lacks one pillar, they send Ballard and Petra, a specialist of the 20th Century, in scouts.

Ballard, the "Time Guardian" - The Time Guardian
Ballard, the "Time Guardian"

In the past, they are quickly followed by some Jen-Diki on board of their temporal spheres. Ballard meets Annie, a geologist who was working on the city future landing zone. Annie learns that Ballard is a time traveler of the future and that tomorrow, a hard fight will have to be led against the Jen-Diki for a new departure to another future. Attracted by the man, she accepts to help him and leave to seek a Caterpillar to prepare the ground. After some setbacks with the local police, Ballard, Annie and Petra must rapidly face the arrival of the enemy who followed them...

Annie - The Time Guardian
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

While the city prepares to deliver battle for the future of the humanity and against its extinction, Annie refuses to leave and chooses to remain beside Ballard. When the city emerges from the future and lands, the Jen-Diki attack in mass. Despite their preparations, the fight seems lost in advance and Petra sacrifices to save Annie. In a last effort, Ballard, remembering advices that his mentor, uses the particle accelerator that allows the city to travel in time against the enemy. The effect is without call and the time guardian, who found love in the 20th Century, repels an ultimate time the attack and allows mankind to survive.