Attack of the Monsters

(Gamera tai daiakuju Giron)

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Three young children, Tom, Akio and his sister Tomoko, are the witnesses of the arrival of a spaceship. With courage, they ride their bikes to find the landing area. The flying saucer is empty and the two boys, avid of discovery climb onboard. While they discover the inside of the ship coming from outer space, it closes its door and runs. It takes off, leaving the little girl on place.

Akio and his sister Tomoko - Attack of the Monsters (Gamera tai daiakuju Giron)
Akio and his sister Tomoko

When the flying saucer now in the space crosses a meteor rain, Tom and Akio are saved just in time thanks to the intervention of Gamera, the prehistoric giant tortoise friend of the children. But when the spaceship increases its speed, Gamera cannot help them to return to the Earth. The ship that seems guided crushes on an unknown planet. A city in prey with a harmful flying monster is on the point to be destroyed. Fortunately for its residents, Guiron, a knife headed monster protects them and gets the flying monster back.

Akio and Tom meet the inhabitants of the planet - Attack of the Monsters (Gamera tai daiakuju Giron)
Akio and Tom meet the inhabitants of the planet

Akio and Tom will soon meet the residents of this planet. Following a corridor, they find the entry that leads them to the command center of the city. There, they meet two alien females from a superior society. They explains the boys that they are the last survivors of this world that cools from day to day. The other members of their alien society escaped in search of a welcoming planet without result. This people who has known how to tame natural elements defends theirselves from the monsters that reigns on the planet thanks to Guiron that they can equally command since the control center. But behind their apparent graciousness, the two foreigners hide more worrisome scheme. These are in reality brain eaters and their last two victims freshly imported are going to allow them to regenerate before to leave for the conquest of our planet. Still hoping Gamera's assistance, Akio and Tom relate the past exploits of the prehistoric tortoise that has always helped children. By now Gamera run courses toward the tenth planet of our solar system where the two boys were attracted.

Saving Gamera - Attack of the Monsters (Gamera tai daiakuju Giron)
Saving Gamera

When they discover that intentions of their two hosts are not as friendly as they thought, they profit of the attack of Gamera to escape. Gamera delivers battle to Guiron but loses the first stage and the tortoise is left for dead at the bottom of the lake of the alien city. Tom and Akio are taken back…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Accidentally, the two children free the monster with the knife head. Uncontrolled, it attacks the control center and destroys the flying saucer cancelling by the same way all hope of returning to Earth. Encouraged by the boys, Gamera raises from its injuries and faces Guiron again. This new battle in which Akio and Tom take place ends by the death of the monster and the two aliens. Gamera patches the spaceship and, the flying saucer in the mouth, returns the children back to Earth.

Farewell Gamera - Attack of the Monsters (Gamera tai daiakuju Giron)
Farewell Gamera

To the general surprise and particularly the two adventurers's mothers Tomoko did not succeeded to convince about their space adventure, Gamera deposits the children and returns. Akio and Tom have discovered a new world but this one was not sized of their hope of peace and liberty.