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In Quebec, on Starliner Island, 12 minutes far from Montreal has been built a very high-tech flat. A unique building of its kind that envolves all conveniences for its residents. Pool, Tennis, Golf, restaurant, shops, dentist and medical clinic. But a murder and a suicide spread turmoil in the luxurious complex property: the Doctor Emil Hobbes killed a girl and destroyed her internal organs by means of an acid, then puts an end to his days.

Doctor Roger Saint-Luc - Shivers
Doctor Roger Saint-Luc

The young Doctor Roger Saint-Luc, accredited doctor of the residence, discovers that the assassinated young woman was in fact the guinean-pig of the Professor Hobbes. Annabelle was her student and mistress. He used to practice on her strange experiments. The Doctor Rollo Linski can testify it. With Hobbes it worked on researches that had avoid organs transplants. Hobbes had built a parasite that was going to replace efficiently a human organ.

Nicolas Tudor, a victim of the parasites - Shivers
Nicolas Tudor, a victim of the parasites

Soon, curious symptoms hit the population of the complex. Annabelle had met some tenants. It is first Nicolas Tudor, an insurer who feels pains in his stomach. From his body escapes a parasite that soon leaves to the conquest of its new property. A series of aggressions hits an increasingly number of persons. Assailants are nevertheless peoples without problems and apparently healthy. Roger quickly understands that the parasite is multiplied and transmit from a body to another while the epidemic soon spreads the whole building.

Having no other choice, he attempts to escape all these that would like to catch him. With his girlfriend, the nurse Forsythe, he attempts to escape. Despite her efforts, the girl will be nevertheless infected by the parasite. The thing transforms the host into an avid lewd beast of sex and each person infected inexorably flies in search of new victimes…

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Very soon, Doctor Roger Saint-Luc is alone. Now armed, he can only testimony of his colleague's death, the Doctor Rollo Linski who came to examine Nicolas Tudor and who wanted to resist to the invader. Roger escapes from the complex. But outside, he is circled by its residents and the doctor must turn back. His escape is vein. The poor man will finally be infected by Forsythe, his girlfriend.

Rollo Linski tries to resist to the invader - Shivers
Rollo Linski tries to resist to the invader

Now, since the whole building is under the control of the parasites, Starliner building's residents leave and go to town so as to find for Hobbes's monsters new hosts among its residents. The invasion has just begun.