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The Earth is victim of the most fearsome cataclysms. Waves have modified the orbit of the Moon and the professor Hans Zarkov has anticipated that this one is going to strike the Earth in a few time. Zarkov who always defended the thesis of an attack coming from outer space, built a rocket to visit thoses who were responsible for these cataclysms. The chance puts on his path, Flash Gordon, captain of New York Jets, an american football team, and the beautiful Dale Arden. Constrained by Zarkov, Flash and Dale climb in the rocket that is quickly guided by a mysterious force to the planet Mongo where rules the terrible emperor Ming.

Zarkov, Dale and Flash Gordon at Ming's court - Flash Gordon
Zarkov, Dale and Flash Gordon at Ming's court

The sanguinary despot soon decides to make Dale his preferred but Flash does not agree. After a long struggle against Ming's troops, Flash is stopped and convict to death. Despite the request of his daughter, the very beautiful princess Aura to save the blond man, Flash is executed. Aura definitively in love with the footballer cloaks his execution. The young man resuscitates thanks to an antidote administered by a corrupt doctor of the beautiful princess.

Ming, princess Aura and Klytus - Flash Gordon
Ming, princess Aura and Klytus

Aura drives Flash to the Arboria Moon, the planet of the Treemen on which rules Prince Barin. Flash proposes him to ally so as to put a term to Ming's tyranny and to save the Earth. But despite the charm exerted by the princess who plots towards her father, the prince incarcerates the super hero. Meanwhile Zarkov and Dale, who received the news that Flash Gordon was in good health, get suceed to escape Mongo. They goes to the city of the Hawkmen to solicit there the assistance of Prince Vultan. This one accepts immediatly to help them to save Gordon from the claws of his enemy and with a handle of men he removes Flash and Prince Barin he drives to his cloud city.

So as Barin, Vultan does not like Ming's totalitarianism but he does not feel size to attack. Flash Gordon gets nevertheless reconcile the eternal two antagonists. Unfortunately Ming approaches. While the Hawkmen escape, Barin, Zarkov and Dale are captured. The two men are condamned to death penalty and Dale has to resign to marry the tyrant. Ming proposes Flash to become his aide de camp and offers him to rule over the Earth. Flash refuses and escapes on a space scooter. He joins the Hawkmen and all together capture one of Ming's vessels…

Flash Gordon joins the Hawkmen... - Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon joins the Hawkmen...
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

As Flash rushes towards the city of the dictator, the nuptial celebration between Ming and Dale Arden begins. Zarkov and Barin, who have escaped Mongo jails thanks to Aura, desactivate the system of defense of the city. Flash crashes his ship in the middle of the wedding celebration, spurring to die the sanguinary dictator. Free from the tyrant and with the princess Aura to his side, Barin becomes the new leader of Mongo and grades Vultan chief of the armies of the new free world. For our two lovers, Dale and Flash, they now can go back to Earth, this Earth that the super hero saved from the sanguinary space despot.

...before rushing towards Ming's city - Flash Gordon
...before rushing towards Ming's city