A Head for the Devil

(Die Nackte und der Satan)

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The Professor Abel is an eminent scientist who has discovered the serum Z, a miraculous product that allows to maintain in life all separated organ from the body. He leads his experiences in company of his two associates, the Doctor Walter Burke and the technician Bert Jaeger. Abel receives the visit of the Doctor Odd. Recommended by a colleague of Abel, this one seems implied and enthusiasmed by the experiences led by the professor. He integrates the team. But the heart of the Professor is gravely sick and he profits the arrival of his new recruit to supervise his own cardiac transplant.

Professor Abel wants to supervise himself his heart transplant - A Head for the Devil (Die Nackte und der Satan)
Professor Abel wants to supervise himself
his heart transplant

Unfortunately the victim donor of a road accident dies. Despite the refusal of Burke to continue, Odd decides to attempt nevertheless the transplant and get rid of the doctor. The operation fails. Odd decides then to behead the Professor Abel and to preserve his head in the serum Z. When he wakes up, horror reaches the top for the Professor. Despite his supplications in order that Odd puts an end to his days, the evil man refuses, hoping that way getting some manufacture secrets out of him.

Odd is fascinated by Irène's beauty - A Head for the Devil (Die Nackte und der Satan)
Odd is fascinated by Irène's beauty

Passioned by the beauty of Irène Sanders, Walter's cousin, Odd proposes her to operate her as Abel already suggested it. The poor woman is endowed with a crippled and deformed body and Odd wants to restore it. Scared, Irène refuses. But he obliges Abel to convince the woman of the necessity to operate. For Odd, the plan is simple.

The flawless body for Irène is found in the "Tam Tam Bar", a night club where Lilly works, a female dancer with a fantastic body.

A perfect victim - A Head for the Devil (Die Nackte und der Satan)
A perfect victim

Odd drugs Lilly and proceeds to the operation successfully. He makes believe Irène that during these three last months he had undertaken on her many operations allowing the slow reshaping of her new fantastic body she now have. Odd would like although Irène to fall in love with him. But the woman is frightened by the physician and escapes. She is questionning about her body and decides to learn some more about it. Wishing to meet Lilly, she meets Paul Lerner, her painter and sculptor friend who tells her the death of the girl three month ago. The doubt begins to invade him when he notices the grain of beauty on Irène's scapula... the same as Lilly's.

Diabolic Docteur Odd - A Head for the Devil (Die Nackte und der Satan)
Diabolic Docteur Odd
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Irène returns to meet Odd. He confesses her the truth and proves her he's telling the truth by presenting her the Professor Abel or rather what remains of him. Helped by Bert Jaeger she escapes and finds refuge at Lerner's home where she explains the truth. The mad physician breaks-in at the painter's house and puts fire to his workshop so as to kidnap Irène whose he is frantically fond of and with whom he decides to leave far away. But Lerner has been able to warn the Police who intervenes. Trapped, Odd commits suicide, putting thus an end to his diabolic experiences.