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2015, SpacialStation Gateway is a departure point to stars, a relay for the next missions to the moon, mars and beyond. A mission of all surprises composed of ahalf Russian crew and embarking Amanda McCord, a famous computer scientist, is on the point to be launched. Amanda, that nothing destined for aspace mission, has to intervene to repair the computer of the station in prey to many chronicles bad functionnings.

After alaunching without problem, the shuttle Atlantis puts in socket around the Earth then stows to the space station. Soon Amanda gets at work. Highlysurprised, she notices that the computer's commands have simply been sabotaged. Before even she could tell it to the Station commander, theastronaut Tanner, Previ Federov takes the control of Gateway with the assistance of the computer scientist in place Ivan Nevski and the astronautBatavki. The three mutineers are in fact revolutionaries of the Tajikistan who claims the Russian troops to withdrawal off their territory. As average ofblackmail, Federov threatens to make crush on the the earth about 80 satellites in orbit. The nuclear fallout of the explosion of a satellite above agreat city could cause a nuclear catastrophe without precedent.

Hostages in space - Fallout
Hostages in space

WhileRussian authorities are contacted, the Nasa informs the Pentagon of the situation that hurries an overtrained three men squadron who are ready toassault the space station to neutralize the terrorists. No shuttle being available before a month, it is the RX33, a new generation of space shuttle ableto take off from any airport that will be used to transport the Rangers crew. The RX33 is piloted by the astronaut J.J. Hendricks, the only one able topilot the engine. Commander of three previous missions, Hendricks, prematurely retired after an piloting error, is called back by the NASA to lead theoperation.

%PARAGRAPHE%The astronaut discreetly accesses inside the space station and frees the hostages enclosed in one of the rooms. His intrusiondiscovered by the terrorists, he has no other
Amanda McCord - Fallout
Amanda McCord
%PARAGRAPHE%The RX33 takes off and approaches about 100 meters to the space station. But while the Rangers squad throws to the assault of thestation, the soldiers are killed without giving them any survival chance. Hendricks is now the only one capable of saving the Earth.

choice that letting the astronautes flyback to Earth in the shuttle. While Federov throws a satellite on the Death Valley as a proof of his determination, Hendricks, Tanner and AmandaMcCord have to access to the central computer so as to decipher then launchings codes developed by Ivan Nevski…

Hendricks, savior of the Earth?[image3.jpg]
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

In a frantic pursuit race onboard station Gateway, Hendricks must face the chief of theterrorists while Amanda have to unbolts satellites thanks to the secret code delivered by Nevski taken by remorses. Finally cleared of terrorists,Hendrick and Amanda have to leave the space station that empties its oxygen onboard the only machine remaining, the experimental prototype RX33that Hendricks never succeeded in returning on Earth in his last twelve simulations. Pilot with merits, he will prove that the simulator had deceived andthat the RX33 rescuer can be returned to Earth without problem.