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While practicing rescue techniques in order to get his diploma of fireman, Wayne Green witnesses and is the victim of a meteor crash in the middle of the Arizona desert in Glen Canyon. The next day, local police calls two representatives of the geological research office of the United States. Harry Block, professor of geology from Glen Canyon College and his colleague Ira Kane, former researcher of Defense who now teaches biology at school.

When they arrive at the crash site, Ira and Harry discover an asteroid buried 80 feet deeper under ground in a little gulf that the violence of the shock had revealed. The meteor has the particularity of bleeding a strange blue liquid. Back to their laboratory, Ira discovers that this liquid contains microorganisms composed of alien DNA that multiply at an uncredible speed. Both professors keep their discovery in secret. For them it is the priceless opportunity to finally access to glory and fortune.

Ira and Harry arrive at the crash site - Evolution
Ira and Harry arrive at the crash site

Unfortunately for them, the army discovers the pink pole and takes the affair in hand sending our two professors out. The military group ordered by a General without recluse creates on the spot a real hermetic laboratory under the direction of the scientist Allison Reed, beautiful but amused researcher working for the account of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

Allison Reed - Evolution
Allison Reed

Soon they notice that the organism in the beginning inoffensive grow increasingly creating new races of animals and even anthropoids that develop in some weeks. The question if we are alone in the universe comes to find a response and humans are the witnesses of the evolution of a new specie that could destroy the earth and its residents in the two months to come.

Under orders of the governor of the state of Arizona, the army prepares to bomb with napalm the gulf where propagate the aliens.

Get it out ! - Evolution
Get it out !

But while Ira and Harry are join by Allison Reed, in opposition with the military methods, the former discovers that fire has the property to help alien cells to develop in proportions infinitely superior. Ira finally finds the solution...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

By reading the chemical component table, Ira discovers that the aliens are sensitive to Selenium. This compound is for them an identical poison to what represents Arsenic for the human body. By spraying the aliens of such a product, this would put an end to the ubiquitous invasion. But here is, where to find such a chemical element? Response, in the Head & Shoulders shampoo.

Our heroes and their pupils collect therefore all shampoo stocks to a  firemen tanker truck then direct to the meteor crash site. But it is too late, the army bombs the place with napalm. Reaction is immediate. Alien's cells immediately transfom into an immense giant amoeba on the point to split. Ira, Allison, Harry and Wayne succeed - not without difficulty and despite the danger - to inject their stock of shampoo inside the amoeba. As anticipated, to the contact of the chemical compound, the monster explodes. The invasion will not finally take place.

Ira Kane and Allison Reed - Evolution
Ira Kane and Allison Reed