Invisible Invaders

(Invisible Invaders)

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Since the first utilization of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima in 1945, the United States, England and Russia develop increasingly mortal weapons. Each day the race for supremacy is made a bit more hurry. In Washington, nuclear makes the object of high discussions among leaders. The Dr. Adam Penner, real partisan of peace, thinks, against the mind of the army, that it is time to put a term to the tests before the irreparable happens.

Penner receives a frightening visit - Invisible Invaders
Penner receives a frightening visit

The even evening, to his great stupor, the scientist receives the frightening visit of his colleague and friend the Dr. Karol Noymann, deceased after an accident in his research laboratory. He explains he is not the Dr. Noymann, but an invisible alien who took over the body of the defunct scientist to enter in contact with Penner. The alien comes to warn the humanity and elects the searcher to give the following message : With the entry of humans in the nuclear age and the conquest fo space, it has been decreed that it was now time to enslave the Earth. The planet must surrender or it will be massively invaded...

Of course, in Washington, Penner is taken for a madman. Not knowing what to do, he attemps by all means to ask for a delay of the terrible expiration and renders to the cemetery where Noymann is buried. He effectively enters in contact with the invaders but the attempt is vain. The alien offensive is launched. Each alien takes possession of the body of a death and uses it to destroy the livings and to sabotage installations (factories, barrage, etc). In the whole world, dead leave cemeteries without it is impossible to kill them.

Bruce Jay, Phyllis Penner, Adam Penner and John Lamont - Invisible Invaders
Bruce Jay, Phyllis Penner, Adam Penner and John Lamont

Meanwhile, Penner has taken the direction of the nuclear commission and invites all scientists to flee in anti-atomic shelters to work on a possible retaliates of this invisible enemy attack. The Dr. Penner, his daughter Phyllis, Dr John Lamont and Major Bruce Jay find refuge in the nuclear shelter number 6 and put to work. They think that the molecular structure of their body possesses a weakness that it is necessary to exploit. Penner seems to have a theory on this invisibility, but to be convinced, it is essential to capture one of these creatures…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Thanks to the clever use of a weapon especially designed, Bruce Jay and John capture one of these dead-alive aliens from outer space. After long experiences with no succes, Penner finally discovers with chance a method that make the aliens visible. Indeed, a resonant wave of a particular length allows to unmask the invader and even to kill them.

The invader is unmasked - Invisible Invaders
The invader is unmasked

At the end of a long night of work, the scientists manufacture a special weapon allowing to generate strong resonant frequency impulses. Its success is total and the survivors of the earth are informed of the success of the discovery. The Earth was close to disaster and this warlike holocaust, in which a dictator of the universe had been conquered, had at least allowed the world to learn an essential lesson : fighting together for the common cause.