The Shadow Men

(The Shadow Men)

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By a beautiful sunny day, Bob Wilson decides to take his family - his wife Dez and their son Andy - to camp in the Pointed Mounts, a lovely wild area of the American West. On their way back, in the middle of the night, they are suddenly blinded by a huge luminous object that overflys their car several times. Scared, Bob loses the control of his vehicle, strikes a rock and finishes his course in a ditch... The Wilson wake up three hours later, to their great astonishment, on the the road.

The Men In Black are here - The Shadow Men
The Men In Black are here

The following days all the family makes the same nightmare in which they see them removed by aliens. Anxious, Bob contacts the Air Force services, to attempt to find an explanation to the strange phenomenon they assisted. The following day, two agents all dressed in black and wearing black sunglasses introduce them. Their strange behavior schemes the couple and Bob throws them out.

The following day, Andy is aggessed by one of them. This is too much. Bob leaves to complaint beside the local police. But the Sergent desk does not take the man to seriousness. Meanwhile, Dez finds the video realised during their ballad. Highly surprised, she discovers that the video camera was still on when they lost conscience and what she sees exceeds all understanding. This was not nightmares but the simple reality; the aliens abducted them. Suddenly the men of the Air Forces break-in the Wilson's home. It is clear that the they are looking for the video. Dez barely saves the recording and escapes.

Stan explains them that they'll have to change their life - The Shadow Men
Stan explains them that they'll have to change their life

Not knowing whom to confide, Bob asks Stan Mills's assistance. The man is a specialists of UFOs and he has already written several works on the subject. When Mills learn that the Wilson possesses a proof of their encounter with the aliens, he doesn't hesitate to come in their assistance and guides them up to him. He explains them that now their life is going to be completely upset and that they have to change their identities. The men who are chasing them are the MIB, the Men in Black. FBI, CIA, unknown governmental organization or aliens, nobody knows who they are exactly but nevertheless, each time somebody had to deal with UFOs, these strange persons appeared.

Bob and Dez Wilson - The Shadow Men
Bob and Dez Wilson

In the meantime to prepare them a new identity, they'll have to stay at Stan's home. But a nasal hemorrhage obliges Dez to drive quickly her son to the local doctor. The former subtracts from his nose a strange little crystal that is nothing more than a transmitter. The men in black quickly find the child and his mother. Fortunately, Bob and Stan intervene. They know now that they have to expect the visit of these men in black, who are indeed not human beings...

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Everyone prepare to receive the aliens who want at any costs to get the video back and to suppress witnesses. It is a real little army that disembarks at Mills's home. Well organized, Stan gets rid of a large number of assailants but they nevertheless succeed in penetratating in the house. After a bloody battle that clears the MIB's ranks, they escape leaving behind them the tangible proof of the alien existence. For Bob, Dez and Andy, a new life begins... but for how many time?