The Evil of Frankenstein

(The Evil of Frankenstein)

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To continue his research on the mysteries of the creation of life, the Baron Frankenstein, accompanied by Hans, his young assistant, returns to his castle in Karlstaad, the ancient city where he once was pursued by the local citizens. When he arrives, the scientist discovers that his castle has been looted by those who persecute him and  the monster he once created.

Some time ago, the Baron Frankenstein indulged in strange experiments in the castle. From pieces of dead corpses, he constructed a being whom he endowed with life, thanks to a violent storm that produced enough electricity to provide the necessary power. But his creation escaped and disappeared into the mountains where he was soon hunted by the residents of the city.

Being discreet - The Evil of Frankenstein
Being discreet

Today, their return to Karlstaad, that celebrates the carnival, has therefore to be the most discreet. Frankenstein understands rapidly that the burgomaster has granted his goods in a very debatable manner. Obliged to escape, they find refuge in the mountains and meet a young deaf and mute wanders woman who lives in a cave. At their great surprise, they discover there the Frankenstein's deep-frozened monster in a ice cube in perfect hibernation.

Monster in hibernation - The Evil of Frankenstein
Monster in hibernation

Frankenstein, Hans and the girl transport the monster to the castle and give him life again. Unfortunately, although alive, the damaged brain of the monster dozes. Frankenstein leaves then to seek the assistance of Zoltan, a hypnotist, and proposes him to exert his talents on the creature. The results are breathtaking, the monster obeys the entertainer. Zoltan makes then a deal to Frankenstein; he proposes to expose the monster in itinerant fairies so as to get some substantial profits out of it. The Baron has no other choice, he must accept. But Zoltan misuses his authorities and programs the creature to loot churches and to appease his personal needs of revenge...

Frankenstein at work - The Evil of Frankenstein
Frankenstein at work
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

He orders the monster to murderer the burgomaster and the chief of the police, both responsible for some earlier troubles against the entertainer. Warned by the young girl who witnesses the scene, Frankenstein chases the Machiavellian hypnotist. But this last programs the monster again to kill the Baron. Finally, the monster kills Zoltan before to escape once more to the mountains around. While Frankenstein is imprisoned for the series of murders, Hans finds back the creature and returns him to the castle. Frankenstein escapes but the monster becomes furious and provokes a fire. Alone Hans and the young girl will escape flames under the eyes of the residents of the village who will finally had reason of the scientist and his creation.

Zoltan demonstrates his powers upon the monster - The Evil of Frankenstein
Zoltan demonstrates his powers upon the monster