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In 10191, the known universe is governed by the Emperor Shaddam IV. At this time, the most precious substance of the universe is spice. Spice increases longevity, amplifies conscience, spice is vital for space travels. After four thousand years of using, it made out of navigators of the Space Guilde mutant that gives them the power to withdraw space, that's to say to transport wherever it without mooving. Spice exists only on one alone planet. Desolated, arid, it possesses vast deserts where live the Fremens who for a long time prophesy the arrival of a messiah who would drive them to real freedom. This planet is Arrakis, also known as Dune.

Emperor Shaddam IV wants the Atreides to be destroyed - Dune
Emperor Shaddam IV wants the Atreides to be destroyed

A secret report inside the Guilde, omen about a susceptible plot to sabotage spice production on Arrakis. A navigator of the Guilde sent on the planet Kaitan, the cradle of the Emperor of the known Universe, demands him details about this important affair. For the Guilde, spice must absolutely circulate, it is a survival question.

Since always, Atreides and Harkonens are in conflict. On Caladan, the Atreides possess a powerful army that uses « the strange art », a revolutionary technology based on sounds. Their chief, Duke Leto, becomes increasingly popular and constitutes a threat for the Emperor. For giving birth to a son, his wife, Jessica, was excluded from the Bene Gesserit, a mystical community exclusively composed of women, that work since generations to create by filiation a superior being: the « Kwisatz Haderach». Paul, their son, could, by this blasphemy, become this famous Kwisatz Haderach. Would he be the elected on so waited by the Fremens ?

Paul discovers raw spice odor - Dune
Paul discovers raw spice odor

So as to preserve his sovereignty, Shaddam IV plans to sweep out forever the Atreide house. He offers the people of the planet Caladan, to occupy Arrakis and to exploit the spice in the place of their sworn enemies, the Harkonens. This generous offers that is impossible to refuse,

compete only to mask the return of the vile Baron Vladimir Harkonen on Dune. Pushed by the own legions of the Emperor, the Harkonens look forward the day of the decisive attack when they will take back Arrakis and will get rid of the Atreides forever.

Hundred of Atreides spaceships and thousands of soldiers fly to Arrakis and invest Arrakin, its main city, abandoned by the Harkonens. The Atreides allies are the secret people of Fremens. These natives of the arid planet, survive thanks to « distil», special suits that allow them to recycle the water dispenseed by the body. Fremens hare nearly sure that a traitor hides besides the Atreides. While the Harkonen fleet, pushed by the Emperor, approaches Dune, generators of Arrakin are victims the malevolence of the Dr. Yueh, the traitor sensed by the Fremens. Shields that were protecting the city are down and the « strange modules », the incredible Atreide weapons are destroyed. The Harkonen penetrate without great difficulty Arrakin's defense. Duke Leto is killed and his family is condemnee to perish by the desert of Dune and by the entrailss of its giant worms. These huge beasts, whose some measure up to four hundred fifty meter long, live under Arrakis sand. These worms, basis of the spice genesis, attack untiringly the mechanic extractors, attracted by the vibrations that they produce on the ground.

Sand worm, inhabitant of Dune - Dune
Sand worm, inhabitant of Dune

Helped by their Bene Gesserit powers, Paul and Jessica get escape the Harkonens. The ship that drives them on their death place crushes on an arid no man's land of sand. Survival Fremen suits and strange module plans that they discover in the remains of the ship where secretly placed by repenting Dr. Yueh. Delivered to themselves and risking their lives because of the worms, the fugitives meet the secret Fremen warriors with turquoise eyes, result of the long years last in the Arrakis desert. Paul meet Shani, the beautiful Fremen girl he saw in his premonitory dreams. Fremens see in Paul their so waited messiah. By drinking « the water of life », until then only reserved to Reverants of the Bene Gesserit, the man proves that he is the Kwisatz Haderach, capable to read in the future. Fremens name their visionary chief Usul Paul Muad'Dib. About Jessica, by absorbing the water of life, it provokes the premature birth of Allia, Paul's sister who will possess the powers of the Mother Reverant, who sides the Emperor.

Paul begins the training of the holly warriors. He trains the Fremens into fighting and handling of the strange art to crush the Harkonens. Spice being the key of the victory, Paul decides to destroy the totality of its production, the Guilde and the whole universe are so dependent. When the spice will be exhausted, the Baron and the Emperor will be obliged to negotiate with the Fremens…

Paul must master the worm - Dune
Paul must master the worm
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

For two years, Usul Paul Muad'Dib and the Fremens are going to lead commando operations aiming to systematically destroy all means of recolting spice, putting thus a term to its exploitation. During this period, Paul's sister, Allia, whose body sheltered fabulous powers, was going to acquire a lightning maturity and the love between Paul and Chani was going to fortify.

Ahead the scaled problem, the Guilde orders the exploitation of the precious substance to be re-established. The Emperor Shaddam IV has no other choice that to send the totality of his reserved troops on Arrakis, so as to resume the planet, in the Fremens's claws. Paul and the Fremens launch the final attack against the Harkonens and the armies freshly sent by the Emperor. The attack is decisive. Fremens, armed of the Atreide strange module and ridding Dune's worms win over the Emperor's legions. With this victory, Muad'Dib has become the hand of god, replacing in the Fremen prophecy to live in peace in love and in freedom and to change Arrakis's face, that a unceasing deluge transforms now into a fertile planet.