The Story

Twenty years ago; four youngsters who lived in a small city in the Maine, four inseparable friends who found one day the courage to pull another child out of the claws of a bad guy. This strange simple mind boy, named Duddits became an unexpected partner, and did not delay to take place inside their small band. To reward them for their heroism, he granted them supernatural gifts that would link them forever.

Today, Jonesy, Henry, Pete and Beaver live each their side and unite only once a year. Haunted by the memory of their heroic gesture, they feel their gift as a burden, for lack of to have made some good usage.

Beaver and Jonesy are the witnesses of strange phenomena - Dreamcatcher
Beaver and Jonesy are the witnesses of strange phenomena

During their annual meeting in a hut in the deepest woods, Jonesy and Beaver save a hunter misled and refrigerated because of the execrable weather. Quickly, it proves that the man is holding a « thing » that soon extract from his body provocating his death. This thing is in fact a larva belonging to a much greater being; a two meters high bellicose alien named « Sir Gray». Beaver dies in horrible conditions while the alien borrows Jonesy's body. Meanwhile, Henry and Pete are victims a road accident when Henry deports to avoid a woman on the snow-covereded path. While Henry leaves to seek for assistance, Pete keeps an eye on the half-dead frozen poor woman. But an identical larva to the one that killed Beaver extracts from her body and attacks Pete who gets rid of it with difficultly.

Henry and Pete are victims of a road accident - Dreamcatcher
Henry and Pete are victims of a road accident

The alien is actively researched by the Colonel Abraham Curtiss and his commando « Blue Boy ». Curtiss fought and tracked for years the arrival of these aliens on Earth. Today, he has to get rid of a hundred of them that - according to him - would have landed on the planet in an accident. He raises security perimeter from wich nothing must exit and the hut of our four friends is in the middle of this contaminated zone.

Pete Moore - Dreamcatcher
Pete Moore

Mister Gray, appearing as Jonesy, knows that he is surrounded and must try to escape. He meets Pete. After using his orientation gift to escape the perimeter of security establishes by Curtiss, the alien devours the young man and directs to the lake of the region so as to contaminate it with his larvas. If he succeeds, the humanity will probably be destroyed...

Mister Gray, looking like Jonesy tries to escape - Dreamcatcher
Mister Gray, looking like Jonesy tries to escape
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Henry understood what happened and thanks to the gift transmitted by Duddits when they were young, he knows where directs the alien. But Henry knows equally that the only man able to defeat the alien is Duddits himself. Helped by the Captain Owen Underhill, Curtiss's second whose desire of hunting aliens turns to insanity, Henry leaves to seek his friend and drives him to Mister Gray. Duddits, this man, mentally delayed is in reality an alien who seems to know Mister Gray well. Both engage into a battle that ends by the death of the two antagonists and the liberation of Jonesy's body. For years, Duddits had anticipated this invasion and the gift that he gave to the four children allowed them to save the world.