The Nutty Professor

(The Nutty Professor)

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Professor of chemistry with an ungrateful physics, Julius Kelp causes catastrophes and explosions in the University he teaches. Constantly mistreated by the director and his own students, he falls in love with the young Stella Purdy, the only student who takes him in pity.

His students are laughing at him - The Nutty Professor
His students are laughing at him

Decided to change physically to impress his surrounding, Kelp subscribes to a physic center, but without result. Frustrated, he closes in his laboratory and attempts to develop a drug, hormones and mineral mix, capable to stimulate his muscular growth. An evening, alone, he swallows his potion and transformes into a high seducer, he names « Buddy Love ».

Incognito under the appearance of Buddy Love, the little professor becomes rapidly the idol of the local night club, The Crimson Devil, that students often frequent.

Stella is both fascinated and rebuffed by this vain Dom Juan, rock virtuoso, who always dodges without warning. The problem, is that the effect of the potion quickly disapear and Love must be careful when he transforms back into the professor of chemistry. The ephemeral side of the drug gives place to a series of strange and funny situations that increase the mysterious side of the character. After having worked some more on his formula to lengthen the effect, Kelp sends as a precaution a copy of it to his relatives.

Professor Julius Kelp - The Nutty Professor
Professor Julius Kelp

Nevertheless, this Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde game stops : students invite Mr. Love to happen on scene for school party. Nervous, Kelp colapses half of his potion when he drinks it, just before the show...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Nevertheless Love goes on the stage... but the effect expires during his show... Love becomes Kelp ahead everyone and sees forced to reveal the truth to the term of a memorable speech. Stella understands, that finaly, she always loved her timid chemistry professor.

Julius and his beloved, Stella Purdy - The Nutty Professor
Julius and his beloved, Stella Purdy

Having taken confidence in him after this experience, Kelp renounces to employ his potion and continues teaching the students now admiratives... He is interrupted by the arrival of his father, transformed to his tour in a pure male : This one has commercialized the drug, which knows a unprecedented success, and comes to sell some in the University...

While the students kick on bottles the Julius's father offer them, Stella entails Kelp to the outside. They leave to get married... But the little professor does not notice that Stella takes, mischievously hidden in her pockets, two bottles of the miraculous potion.