The Last Battle

(Le dernier combat)

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In a near future, a gigantic cataclysm ravaged the world. The humanity has been reduced to nothing and the rare survivors lost the usage of the voice. One of them has found a refuge in a lost building in the middle of a desert. The man enters in a car cemetery, where lives a horde of barbarians lead by a bloody chief. He steals them the battery he needs to fly the small plane that he has patched. persuited by the gang, he manages to escape them on board his little machine that, by lack of fuel, crushes further away in a city in ruins.

In this pitiless world where survival is the priority, the man finds refuge in an abandoned hotel and organizes his new habitat. Thanks to a small camping gaz he found, he can cook dead fish that fall from the sky by enchantment. But in this curst city, he is not the only to try to survive and each one uses his own methods. A thick brute attempts untiringly to penetrate in the disused hospital that an ancient doctor defends as a kingdom. Despite all repeated assaults against the hospital, he cannot enter there.

A survivor in a city in ruines... - The Last Battle (Le dernier combat)
A survivor in a city in ruines...

When the man from the desert comes across him, a difficult struggles begins He gains to stay alive only thanks to a manhole by which he gets out. Subterranean pipes lead him perchance in the so coveted hospital where he is welcomed and nursed by the doctor. Both link friendship and organize a community life.

After several days, the doctor decides to share the treasure he hides within his hospital. Armed with a meal tray, he binds the eyes of his new friend and leads him ahead the door of a closed room. The room lodges a very beautiful woman. Day after day, the two accomplish this ritual. For the man, who folds to dictation conditions of the doctor, this woman incarnates the hope and his love grows.

A secret well kept... - The Last Battle (Le dernier combat)
A secret well kept...

One day, the doctor is victim a mortal accident. The man coming from the sky has to find the place where the girl is at any costs. The only way to get there is to bind his eyes and to count his steps he practiced many times. But on his path, the brute waits for him. In an ultimate attempt, the sanguinary beast succeded in entering in the hospital…

A sanguinary beast... - The Last Battle (Le dernier combat)
A sanguinary beast...
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

A frantic race doubled with a violent struggles ends with the death of the despicable character. When the aviator flies to the help of the woman of the hospital, it is too late. She has been slaughtered by the creature and his pain is so violent that even voiceless, he performs a shout out of its throat. Down, he finds back his light plane and flights back to his building in the desert. Determined to survive, he confronts the gang of the breakage, kills its chief and takes his place. By becoming the new chief of this band, he discovers that they also were hiding one of the rare woman on this desolated earth.