What Planet Are You From?

(What Planet Are You From?)

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At the limits of our universe is a planet populated by men with outstanding technology. They do not reproduce, they are generated by cloning and their genital organs have disapeared. Their race has been rid of any emotion and each new generation has become more ambitious and more voluntary than the previous one. They want to dominate the universe and preperation is underway.

Female human nature lesson - What Planet Are You From?
Female human nature lesson

One of these being's has to serve his planet by procreating and so to help his race beat extinction. After intensive training in the art and the manner of access to human female charms, H3994-6 obtains the best results. He is then given a capital mission for his people: to find a woman on Earth and to fertilize her. Under the pseudonym of Harold Anderson, the man is sent to Seattle, Washington.

Perry and Helen Gordon - What Planet Are You From?
Perry and Helen Gordon

Harold works as a banker and he meets his new colleague, Perry Gordon. Harold is a real machine when it comes too women. But Harold quickly understands that this is not as easy as he was taught. He meets Susan Hart, an former alcoholic. After a diner which is frankly spoken and a little clumsy on his part, Harold is invited by the young woman. But she refuses to have sex before marriage.

Ready to do anything to reach his goal, Harold accepts this and marries Susan in Las Vegas.

The alien can finally have sex for long hours until total depletion of his new wife. It is worth mentioning that Harold is particularly well endowed. He has a technologic penetration device, a bit noisy but much more than what human nature could provide.

Susan will be the choosen one - What Planet Are You From?
Susan will be the choosen one

However, after several weeks, Susan is still not pregnant and this annoys Harold who seems to be only interested in his companion for sex and forgets her feelings. Nevertheless, after thinking of a way to meet another female, Susan finally becomes pregnant. But the pregnancy of Susan is strange. At six weeks, the foetus appears to be four months old...

Harold is now an "instructor" - What Planet Are You From?
Harold is now an "instructor"
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

After three months of pregnancy, Susan delivers a charming little boy. Harold's mission being over, he explains to Susan that he has to leave and that he will not return. He leaves for his planet in the same way he came and the success of his mission makes him a very experienced instructor on human female behavior. But when he uses Susan's hologram as a demonstration tool, feelings wake up and when he learns that his baby was removed by his own people, he revolts, escapes, frees his son, steals a flying saucer and returns to Earth to find Susan. He tells her the truth and they rekindle their love.