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Los Angeles, 1996. This time, inspector Spartan went too far. His obstinacy wanting to stop a harmful psychopath, Simon Phoenix, has lead to the death of thirty hostages. In punishment, Spartan is deep-frozened in a "cryo-jail", close to Phoenix, condamned to the same punishment. But in 2032, Phoenix, escapes in a bath of blood and discovers the pacified city of San Angeles, a concentration of the main California's megapoles after the great earthquake of 2010, where violence is now a bad souvenir. He enjoys a lot this new peaceful world.

Simon Phoenix, a dangerous psychokiller - Demolition Man
Simon Phoenix, a dangerous psychokiller

The only local police is not sized to stop him. This administration deeply modified during the past years has acclimatized to this non-violence diagram and its means held by the computer are far from being adapted to the new crisis situation. Lieutenant Lenina Huxley thinks that only John Spartan, equally known under the name of « Demolition Man » is able to confront the psychopath. Although her superior, Chief George Earle is not convinced, she proposes him to reintegrate Spartan. Spartan is freed from his cryo-jail.

Spartan is freed from his cryo-jail - Demolition Man
Spartan is freed from his cryo-jail

The world he discovers surprises him. This new society created of all pieces by the mayor, Doctor Raymond Cocteau, banishes the displaced vocabulary, the abortion, sex and all other forms of

liberties that Spartan has not nevertheless forgotten. After 36 years of fridge, John is once more confronted to Phoenix he finds back in the museum of the city, in the process to loot the weaponry, the only place where it is still possible to get arms. Copiously served, Phoenix escapes John. Unconsciously the murderer knows that he has a mission to accomplish. He has been conditioned by the doctor Cocteau to kill Edgar Friendly, the last opposing to his velvet dictatorship, a rebel to the head of hungry men and women who live in the basements of the city. Phoenix rehabilitation program was prepared by Cocteau to make out of him a demonic arm.

Tracks in basements of the city - Demolition Man
Tracks in basements of the city

While Phoenix visits the mayor governor and asks him to free six of his friends still held prisoners, Spartan learns further about his new teammate and learns to his disadvantage that sexual relationships have taken a different turns of what he used to know in the 20th century.

John discovers that Cocteau is responsible for the liberation of Simon Phoenix. Placed under arrest, the policeman does not submit but with Lenina Huxley he continues to track the murderer in the basements of the city. There they meet Edgar Friendly who exposes them his people point of view looking for individual liberties. Finally, Phoenix is on the way to kill two birds with one stone. Spartan and Friendly wipe fed fire from the bloody crook and his men…

Simon Phoenix's fate? - Demolition Man
Simon Phoenix's fate?
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

The struggle concludes once more by Phoenix escape who, well decided to take the power, kills the governor who rehabilitated him before going to the cryo-jail, planning to free all prisoners incarcerated to perpetuity. But it is without counting on the determination of the one called « Demolition Man ». The two men fight without pity and the gain of this deadly struggle returns to the policeman who has decided to teach his new teammate how they were living in the last century.