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Year 2062. The Earth has been devastated. It shelters now the dead and the damned. Many years of wars and ecological catastrophes have completely ravaged the planet. Unconsciously, man made a real hell out of a paradise. The survivors live aboard space station USS Legacy, in orbit around the Earth. Under orders of Commander Holden, a handful of men and women supervise the functioning of the station, while the majority of the refugees of the planet have been deep-frozen, awaiting better days.

Cal Brody and Kendall Black - Dead Fire
Cal Brody and Kendall Black

Brody is a security agent of the space station. Because of an impertinent intervention, his superior, the Colonel Alexa Stant, transfers him for a three month period to Cryobay. More commonly called "Fridge", Cryobay is a real cryo-city interdependent of the USS Legacy that lodges residents of the Earth, sleepers in catalysis. For Brody it concerns an unjust punishment that distances him during three month from his girlfriend, the scientist Kendall Black.

The former works on a bold project that could solve the humanity problem. To restore the Earth a breathable atmosphere exempt of vitiated air, Kendall Black and Celeste, her associate, are able to use the satellites's system of the planet to transmit sufficent energy that, such a shaked bottle of lemonade, would dissipate the gases that renders it hostile. But available energy of the station is much too weak to hope a positive result and the utilization of energy dispensed by a recent solar flare has failed.

Max Durbin takes the control of the USS Legacy - Dead Fire
Max Durbin takes the control of the USS Legacy

But the impatience reaches a part of the population who wishes to use a far more shameful energy for the success of the projet... Since his new allocation, Brody understands that Alexa Stant has voluntarily isolated him in order that he does not come to make the operation fail. The former profited a banal operation of prisoner transfer to free one of the most dangerous criminal of the humanity, the Major Max Durbin. He plans to make explode the nuclear reactors of the Cryobay in order to use the dissipated energy for the Kendall's experience and this to the detriments of the millions of sleepers. Despite difficulties, Brody ascends on the station and resumes contact with Kendall. She explains him that the only possibility to stop the machiavellian plan of the mutineer is to subtract the command card located in the central computer immersed in the frozen glycerine...

Escape ! - Dead Fire
Escape !
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Despite attempts made to stop him, Brody extracts the card just in time. Max, furious, understands that Kendall helped the security agent to sabotage his plans. He then uses the pretty woman as bargaining chip against the command card. Despite the treason of Celeste, Kendall and Brody escape on board a shuttle. Very hungry, Max as a real psychopath, kills his beloved; Alexa, replacing her without shame by Celeste who dreams to her tour of power and glory.

The shuttle drifts - Dead Fire
The shuttle drifts

She proposes to make explode the descent wells that lead to Cryobay at the passage of the shuttle, provocating in addition its wanted release from the USS Legacy to be later destroyed. The hurt shuttle drifts and is stowed by Cryobay piloted by Tucker Amos, an pool amateur who proposes to adapt his talents to the situation. He moves the Hubble satellite in order that the laser shoot from the spaceship returns against it in a mirror effect. While the explosion initiates the Kendall's theory and starts the process of purification of the planet, Brody and Kendall fail on earth. The two lovers are finally going be able to create a family on a planet that recovers from its ashes.