Dark Angel

(Dark Angel)

 The Story

A group of children genetically modified escapes a military complex in the Wyoming. Despite the repeated efforts of the colonel Lydecker and his men, Max so as twelve other children will not be caught back...

Children escape - Dark Angel
Children escape

Ten later years, in 2019, the United States have become a country of the third-world. The depression has been caused by an electromagnetic shock provoked by terrorists in 2009. Maxine (as Max), still attempts to escape Colonel Lydecker forces while seeking to better understand her past trying to find the other escaped. Endowed with super powers thanks to her modified DNA, Max, delivery woman on bike by day, becomes a robber during the night stealing the large fortunes to finance her researches on her origins. But onenight, during a burglary, she meets Logan Cale, a cyber-idealistic journalist who defies the power in place struggling against the corruption.

Max - Dark Angel

Logan is going to attempt to rally Max to his cause, but the enterprise proves to be difficult. However, Logan has shock arguments : he possesses informations on the military base where Max and her similar grew up. He also knows their escape and all their genetic characteristics. These arguments did not suffice to attract Max attention who wishes to progress alone. But an event is going to make her change her mind : two Logan's near relation are kidnaped by a sordid businessman, who already caused wrong to a friend of Max. She decides to help Logan to solve his problems.

This event will bear the association between Max and Logan. She will help him in his researches and he will give her the elements so as to gather pieces of her life's puzzle…

The series still in production is actually made of 2 seasons of 22 episodes. It was first aired on October 3, 2000 on Fox television.

Logan has decided to lead a fight against the deep pain that has invaded the society. Because of the chaos provoked by the impulsion, because of the corruption and injustices he uses internet and television channels to broadcast pirates information flashes to reach the population.

Max and Zack - Dark Angel
Max and Zack

Max is mysterious, solitary. The Genetic manipulations she received and notably her mix with feline DNA, rendered her both vulnerable and very strong. She possesses extraordinary capacities : a great speed, a feline agility, a precise vision, an extremely sensitive listening, very rapid reflexes, the possibility not to breathe during more than 4 minutes. But her dependence to the Tryptophane's molecule weakens her sometimes. For Logan she is a fantastic advantage in his struggle against injustices. The day, she is steed but at night she becomes "dangerous".

Lydecker is a somber character and rather badly considerated ! His implication in the Manticore project gives him only one objective in his miserable life : tracking Max and the other children escaped for years. He has the army to his sides.

Picture from episode "Pollo Loco" - Dark Angel
Picture from episode "Pollo Loco"

Original Cindy is Max's friend she can trust on. They knew each other at work, at Jam Express Pony, and both take care of and protect each other.

Logan, Lydecker and Max - Dark Angel
Logan, Lydecker and Max