Mesa of Lost Women

(Mesa of Lost Women)

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A man and a woman, exhausted, dehydrated, attempt to cross the great Mexican desert. They are Doreen Culbertson and Grant Phillips. Rescued by an employee of an oil company, they are lead to the nearest hospital. When he wakes up, the man begins the narration of their terrible and incredible story.

Dr. Aranya drives strange experiments - Mesa of Lost Women
Dr. Aranya drives strange experiments

Responding to the call of Dr. Aranya, the famous biologist Leland Masterson went, a year ago, in his laboratory established on top of Zarpa Mesa, an inaccessible mountain to the middle of an uninhabited and hostile desert. The scientist has isolated the human growth hormone and has injected it to all kinds of animals without success, excepted for a tarantula, that gave him incredible results. He then inverted the process in reinjecting the product back in a human body. Tarentella is the most beautiful proof of his success. The very beautiful woman possesses the beauty, human intelligence and characteristics of a spider: the instinct, the auto-regeneration of her members, the telepathic assiduity and the immortality. For males, it is another story. Those who have undergone Aranya's experiments have transformed into horrible dwarfs.

Tarentella - Mesa of Lost Women

With his spider-women, the Dr. Aranya, who proposes Masterson to become his collaborator, could rule over the world. But the experiments led by the vile scientist are not the taste of the biologist. Judging them blasphemous, he categorically refuses the offer. This refusal will cost him the deliberated injection of a product that will trnasforms him into a mad man. Masterson will be interned in a psychiatric hospital.

While the rich businessman Jan Van Croft and his fiancee Doreen Culbertson fly to Mexico where they had to celebrate their marriage, their plane is victim

of a breakdown that obliges them to stop in a small Mexican inn. Masterson, with a stupefied happy face, freshly escaped from the hospital, invites himself nonchalantly to their table, finding the beautiful Doreen particularly nice. Impotent, the couple will equally see arriving to their table George, the nurse who has been searching for the excaped mad scientist for two days. A strange woman begins a dance show. She is Tarantella. Although fascinated, Masterson suddenly sees in Tarantella, a threatening danger. He pionts a gun and deadly shoots at the woman, persuaded to have done a good action, then takes in hostage the couple and the nurse before to escape.

Masterson obliges everybody to climb up in the plane - Mesa of Lost Women
Masterson obliges everybody to climb up in the plane

While the owner of the inn warns the police forces, the beautiful dancer, a spider-woman with great recovery abilities, stands up again, as if is nothing happened.

The crazy and armed scientist, obliges everyone to climb up in the particular plane of the businessman, although its pilot, Grant Phillips deters it. The still defective plane has to operate an urgent landing at the top of mount Zarpa Mesa, the mountain that contains the laboratory of the terrible Dr. Aranya. If the plane is damaged, everyone is healthy and safe. When George adventures himself in the forest around, he faces with an immense mutant tarantula that will let him no chance…

Where do you think the plane crashes? - Mesa of Lost Women
Where do you think the plane crashes?
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

After many adventures, spider-women and dwarves of Aranya launch the assault on the trenched camp atop the mountain. The last survivors, Grant, Doreen and Masterson are now in the laboratory of Aranya that injects the scientist the necessary antidote for him to recover his mind. Aranya wants to give him a last chance to rally him. Still against this idea of the unspeakable experiences of the vile scientist, Masterson urges the couple to escape then puts the fire to the laboratory.