The People that Time Forgot

(The People That Time Forgot)

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At the end of 1917, an expedition led by the Major Ben McBride runs to the assault of the frozen Artic to find Bowen Tyler, an adventurer who left in search of a lost world from he never came back. Left in the ices of the Artic by the Polar Queen, a military ship, the rescue team composed of Mcbride, Lady Charlotte Cunningham, journalist and financier of the operation, the Dr. Edwin Norfolk and the pilot Hogan, take off on board a hydroplane so as to cross the huge rocky chain that separates them from the forgotten continent populated by caverns and dinosaurs.

A foolhardy expedition - The People that Time Forgot (The People That Time Forgot)
A foolhardy expedition

Behind this natural barrier, our adventurers quickly discover in the middle of ice and snow a territory more clement that nevertheless reserves them some surprises. Hogan has to land his hydroplane in emergency after being attacked by a prehistoric Pterodactyl. Having only four weeks before the Polar Queen leaves because of the ice that surrounds it and risks to break it, Ben McBride, Norfolk and Charlotte Cunningham continue the expedition by foot while Hogan undertakes the necessary repairs.

Our explorers meet the gorgeous Ajor - The People that Time Forgot (The People That Time Forgot)
Our explorers meet the gorgeous Ajor

All three meet Ajor, a georgous native who escapes and who seems to know Tyler well. She speaks the language of the Europeans: Tyler taught her. The adventurer met the people of Gallo and had inculcated them the rudiments of the civilization. But this small people has been massacred by the Nagasse, a people stronger and better organized that have taken them prisoners. there is a chance that Tyler is still alive. Ajor accepts to drive them to the skull mountain, in the den of the Nagasse.

After a long journey strewn of ambush and discoveries, the little expedition arrives in the valley of the Nagasse where they are waited for. Curiously, the welcome committee asserts that Tyler has asked for them to be lead to the skull mountain. But in reality, it is Sabbala that receives them. The chief of the tribe, holds Tyler captive. Sabbala, who vows a cult to the volcano Naboramata, is on the point to give it Charlotte and Ajor in sacrifice...

Ajor and Charlotte are going to be sacrificed to Naboramata - The People that Time Forgot (The People That Time Forgot)
Ajor and Charlotte are going to be sacrificed to Naboramata
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Tyler, McBride and Norfolk escape their cells and free in extremis the two women. The little group escapes to avoid Sabbala soldiers launched to them but also to escape the fury of the volcano, that enters in irruption and projects a great quantity of lava in fusion. Unfortunately, touched by the Nagasse, Tyler will not return. McBride, Norfolk, Charlotte and Ajor reach the hydroplane just in time to find back the Polar Queen that just lift the anchor. Ben McBride has found his friend but this one will have nevertheless perished with the forgotten continent that time forgot he had discovered.