Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

(Conquest of the Planet of the Apes)

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Northern America, 1991. Armando, the circus director still hides Caesar. Endowed of speaking, he is the son of Zira and Cornelius, the two chimpanzees arrived on Earth from the future. They were killed because they were representing a potential danger for the future of the humanity. Since cats and dogs have disappeared from the surface of the earth after a mysterious virus imported from space by an astronaut, the apes, first used as replacement of domestic pets, became thereafter real slaves destined for household tasks...

In this totalitarian and proslavery society, Caesar is particularly shocked by the violent treatment inflicted to apes. Nevertheless invited not to speak for his own security, he cannot retain an insult towards two policemen who brutalize a gorilla. Armando, anxious about the event, suggests Caesar to escape while he attempts to explain to the policemen that they mistake on the identity of his monkey. Because since the death of Zira and Cornelius, doubt and fear still subsists among men about their offspring. Nothing has indeed ever proven that the baby chimpanzee killed several years ago was the visitors of the future's one.

McDonald and the Governor - Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
McDonald and the Governor

Armando is under arrest for questionning. On the advices of his protector, Caesar mixes with these of his race. For the purpose to be conditioned, he is led in a specialized center so as to learn the art to serve humans. His out of the common intelligence allows him to be noticed and to be sold in a public auction as domestic slave that McDonald achieves for the account of the Governor, fervent opposing to the liberty of monkeys.

Caesar is sold in a public auction - Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Caesar is sold in a public auction

Meanwhile, Armando undergoes a very heavy examination. When he is submitted to a truth machine, he prefers to commit suicide rather than to confess that he has held, hidden and grew Caesar. Delivered to himself in this threatening city, Caesar becomes mad rage when he learns his adoptive father's death. Decided to act, he little by little inculcate to those of his race the notion of disobedience, because the only means that have monkeys to find back liberty is the revolt.

When the Governor discovers that the monkey he actively searches is effectively not a legend and that in addition he is the slave he welcomes, he makes him arrest. Helped by MacDonald, the straight arm of the Governor, who discreetly joins to his cause against violence and slavery, Caesar gets escape. But his escape is only short duration and the Governor Breck condemns him to death penalty. On the point to be electrocuted, MacDonald saves his life once more…

Apes's revolt - Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Apes's revolt
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Caesar calls all monkeys to uprising. Intervention forces can not repel various assaults and undergo heavy losses. Monkeys take the commandment of the city. Caesar whose goal is to take the power and to annihilate the humanity saves MacDonald and the Governor Breck. He knows that men will destroy them by themselves by mean of the nuclear fire. Those who were their masters are now their servants. The liberating monkey puts an end to the revolt and proposes his people to repeal their revenge desire because this night, they have assisted to the birth of the planet of the apes.