Flesh for Frankenstein

(Flesh for Frankenstein)

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Baron Frankenstein is a neurotic aristocrat married to Katrin, his sister, whom he had two children with, Marika and Erik. It is a marriage of interest. If the Baron spends most of his time in the basements of their castle, the Baroness, she, attends to appease her unsatisfied sexual appetite.

Katrin Frankenstein and her two children - Flesh for Frankenstein
Katrin Frankenstein and her two children

The Baron works to the mad project to create a perfect race of beings from human corpses, often assassinated for the opportunity. After having created an gorgeous female creature for whom he feels a sexual attraction, he has to put in quest of the ideal head that he'll stuck on the body of a second male creature. Then, he will make copulate the two beings builded from pieces to be able to claim the genesis of a new race whose he'll will be the unique creator.

Baron at work - Flesh for Frankenstein
Baron at work

Frankenstein is persuaded that it is in a whorehouse that he'll find the ideal male mate for his creature. He and Otto, his faithful assistant, are discreetly watching the clientele of one of these pleasure houses searching for the idyllic candidate, the flawless obsessed!. Nicholas, a peasant, is a nice man, particularly endowed to seduce women. This day, he is attempting to introduce his friend Sacha to sex pleasures and he leads him in one of these so particular houses he is used to enter. Sacha mocks well the flesh advantages of the women, his only desire is to enter the orders. If Nicholas palys, Sacha, is unresponding ahead the display of lust. When they leave the whorehouse, the two are victims of a sanguinary ambush. The Baron Frankenstein and Otto mistake on the identity of the ideal parent. They cut and steal the head of Sacha before to escape.

Frankenstein wakes up to life his two zombies. The perfection is going to become reality. Time has arrived where his own creatures are going to be able to replace the shabby that swarm and reproduce on our planet.

The following day, the promiscuous Baroness summons Nicholas and makes out of him her lover and servant. When Frankenstein presents her his two creations, Nicholas recognizes the face of Sacha on a foreign body. Schemed, he questions Katrin about the researches of her spouse. She explains him that she does not know anything about the experiences led in the laboratory where the access is forbidden. Helped by the two children, Nicholas penetrates clandestinely in the secret pharmacy and discovers a real butchery where abound human organs in all gender.

Frankenstein and his creature - Flesh for Frankenstein
Frankenstein and his creature

Hopes of Frankenstein collapse when his male refuses to kiss the beautiful female creature. Deceived by the behavior of her lover, Katrin makes an offer to her husband and brother. In exchange for the man that presents interesting sexual aptitudes, she asks « having » the male creation of the Baron for her own entertainment. When Nicholas attempts to leave the castle with Sacha, he is captured and linked…

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The Baroness fantasy will be fatal to her. The monster, badly interested in sex, will squeeze her so strong that she will die. Meanwhile, Otto, frustrated and jealous, deadly misuses the lovely creature. Mad of rage, Frankenstein kills his assistant and orders the monster to get rid of Nicholas. The former, aware of his poor condition, will prefer to disembowel the scientist before to commit suicide. Feet and fists linked, Nicholas overhangs now alone the hillock of body that strew the laboratory. Alone ? no, Erik and Marika, the two Frankenstein's children are there but, against all wait, are preparing the surgical instruments to continue the work of their father.