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Cat-Women of the Moon

(Cat-Women of the Moon)

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Helen experiences deja vu feelings. - Cat-Women of the Moon
Helen experiences deja vu feelings.

The space rocket Moon Rocket 4 and its crew of five scientists move towards the moon. When a meteorite hit it, a repair of the combustion chamber is essential, slightly deviating the rocket course. While approaching to the moon, their navigator Helen Salinger experiences deja vu feelings. Without explaining it but sure of her, she describes with details a lunar landing site on the hidden side of the planet, indicating its exact position as its geographical nature.

The crew trusting her, the lunar rocket lands without problem on a site perfectly identical to the one the navigator had described. Without wasting more time, our five astronauts, the commander Laird Grainger, the co-pilot Kip Reissner, Doug Smith, Walt Walters and Helen dress their spacesuits and carry out their first steps on the satellite. Helen, always in prey with deja vu fellings leads the scientists to the entrance of a cave. Surprised to find a cave identical to that she had imagined, she continues her exploration, involving with her the men who finally resign themselves to follow her.

The cave possess strange moulds on its walls - Cat-Women of the Moon
The cave possess strange moulds on its walls

There, all of them observe strange phenomena; the presence of moulds on the walls and their boots becoming suddenly heavier indicate that reigns a wet atmosphere inside the cave. After the rapid test of the match allowing to check the presence of oxygen, our explorers leave their combinations on place, then follow their course.

But this is full of danger. After having undergoes the attack of two giant carnivorous spiders, they decide to get back. But their spacesuits have disappeared. Unable to return to the rocket, they have no other choice that to continue ahead the exploration of the cave. This leads them to a underground city Helen seems to know well.

Although apparently desert, the city is in fact populated by a civilization only made up with women. Helen, hypnotized, learns that the Cat-Women have a telepathic capacity which acts only on the individuals of their sex. Having projected their thoughts through long-distances, they attracted the navigator and her companions down to them...

Helen learns that the Cat-Women havea telephatic capacity - Cat-Women of the Moon
Helen learns that the Cat-Women havea telephatic capacity
Still under influence, Helen takes part inthe machiavelic machination - Cat-Women of the Moon
Still under influence, Helen takes part inthe machiavelic machination

As the oxygen of the cave is becoming rarer, the Cat-Woman awaited the approach of a spaceship which would enable them to leave the planet for a more convenient place. Still under influence, Helen takes part in the machiavelic machination of the female people. They try to persuade the four astronauts to give them the operative informations to to use Moon Rocket 4.

But the commander Laird Grainger understand the game the amazones play. A game that costs Walt and Lambda's life. This one, in love with Doug, finds death by helping the earthling to reverse the plot. Finaly they succeed to prevent them from leaving the cave. When they find their spacesuits again, they set out for the rocket and leave the little planet.

DoctorSF's Words

This picture was released both in 3D and 'flat' simultaeneously. Apart close-fittting black leopards, the Cat-Women have nothing to do with cats. Besides, they are never referred to as Cat-Women at any point. Richard Cuhna will remake it in a low-budget movie called MISSILE TO THE MOON in 1959. Later, in 1987, Joe Dante will parody it in AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, a series of short sketches which parody late-night television shows and low-budget movies of the 50's.